LATEST: Xenophobia: Riot police deployed in Central Durban

lootingDURBAN – Police have been stretched as looting of foreign owned shops continue in the Umlazi and Kwamashu areas on Monday evening.Jeff Wicks, for News24, reported that riot police have been stationed in Gale Street in central Durban.

He said some of the police had to be redeployed from Umlazi to attend to the volatile scene.

Earlier police fired stun grenades at a group of protesters outside the Dalton Road hostel in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal.

The latest protest follows the looting of shops in KwaMashu on Monday morning, after an outbreak of overnight violence aimed at foreign-owned businesses.

According to News24’s Giordano Stolley, a group of 300 protesters who gathered at the Dalton Road hostel were being followed by 100 police.

He said after protesters returned to the hostel, shots were fired and public order police (POP) called in.

“People were hanging out of the windows shouting abuse at police,” Stolley reported.

Police then fired tear gas on the crowd, who then marched out of the hostel and towards Gale Street.

According to POP about five or six shots were heard in the hostel after they fired stun grenades.

A water cannon has arrived at the scene. – News24