didymus mutasa

Didymus Mutasa

Bernard Bwoni
From the limelight of otherwise relatively cushioned political careers the likes of Messrs Didymus Mutasa, Temba Mliswa, Rugare Gumbo and their godmother Joice Mujuru have been humiliated (rightly so) and now face political darkness.They are bitter.

This political near-death experience soon to be political oblivion has wounded them and their response has been to make counter spurious claims of “People First”.

The thing with quislings is that they talk as if their choice to cross the floor was about “People First” when in fact the reality is that it was all about their own egotistical quest and their insatiable desire to follow the undignified pathway that comes with the trappings of power.

The reality with such individuals is their inability to stand for any real principle and hence the undependable wobble into the opposition ranks and Western hand-holding.

They will swing from one end of the political pendulum to the next hopelessly hoping to land on the solid side of principle but they never do.

Now they must live with the reality of an inevitable descent from self-proclaimed political importance to the darkest depth of political obscurity.

There is no “People First” in any quest for regime change.

There is only one ZANU-PF and the PF stands for Patriotic Front and those who claim “People First” do not for one second have the patriotic marrow in their deoxyribonucleic acid.

Those who attempt to weaken the party that liberated this country are reckless and careless to say the least.

The sanctity of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle and independence must never be compromised by the likes of the crooked Mliswas, uncles and “mothers” at the expense of the majority.

Zimbabwe is on the way up and as our independence approaches again we must never forget the sacrifices.

Independence is that beautiful realisation that one is free from physical, mental, political and economic shackles. What a lovely feeling indeed.

It entails the reorganisation, the rebranding and the rebuilding of the victim’s emotional, economic and political infrastructures to support the independent entity’s trajectory.

Zimbabwe’s independence was not and is not the final journey’s end but rather the beginning, the bridge that connects and enable us as a sovereign nation to drive up national processes, to determine our own destiny and ensure the country remains on course.

April 18, 1980 removed the many obstacles that limited our potential as a people and put in place opportunities.

It is true that many challenges remain but the shackles have been totally eliminated. With the shackles of Rhodesia out of the way any challenge can be and will be overcome.

As we celebrate our hard won independence let us all remember that where there are challenges therein lie great opportunities.

Challenges obstruct opportunities and as President Mugabe rightly stated at the South Africa-Zimbabwe Business Forum, it is about creating opportunities for present and future generations to own the country’s natural resources.

President Mugabe said that in some African countries independence was only a “half measure as those countries do not even own their natural resources”.

There is definitely a lack of patriotism among those who have been working underhanded in a bid to dismantle the structures of the ruling party in Zimbabwe and it is such a shame that some of them actually participated in the sacred struggle to liberate the country from those who they are now working towards serving.

The liberation struggle in Zimbabwe was fought and won by men and women with the patriotic marrow and blood that flowed patriotically through their spirits, blood that flowed in the land we call Zimbabwe today.

These sons and daughters of Zimbabwe fought a just war and put the country ahead of all distractions and trappings.

The priority was the liberation of the country and all its component parts.

The likes of Temba Mliswa do not possess that patriotic marrow in their spineless bones and yet they start to believe they are bigger than the sacrifices of those who liberated this country.

ZANU-PF is way bigger than the unstable and self-serving Mliswas and uncles and they must never be allowed to undermine the honourable name of the revolutionary ruling polity.

These are just but very small individuals in the grand scheme of things and the party is way bigger than all their treacherous simple minds put together.

ZANU-PF is that bigger picture built on the collective strength of the people.

The revolutionary ruling party is way bigger than the insignificant and irrelevant Mliswas and their uncles.

These errant turncoats are exactly where they belong and the spirit of those who gallantly fought for the independence of Zimbabwe will guide them towards the permanent political dustbin.

It is the likes of Mliswa and uncles who have gleefully embraced CIA agents like Erick Little in the naïve quest to undermine Zimbabwe, to aid and abet the regime change agenda that continues to seek to undermine Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s national security is constantly under threat owing to the actions of the overzealous and over-paid perfidious few who are touting the lame ‘People First’ ideology and publicly courting the dysfunctional opposition in the hope of toppling the ruling party.

This is no way to suggest that the likes of Mutasa, Mliswa, Gumbo and others should not differ with the ruling party ideology but when it comes to affairs concerning the integrity of that bigger and sacred entity called Zimbabwe then national pride and duty dictates that it is unethical to invite alien onslaught to further own ailing political careers.

The reality is that those who have been kicked out of the ruling party will never in their lifetime empower the black indigene but rather continue to further the interests of our erstwhile colonisers as the local opposition has done over the years. I would not at all be surprised if Mliswa does not start calling for further sanctions against Zimbabwe.

The one thing that is certain is that patriotism has indefinitely abandoned those who have been rightly ejected from ruling party.

Wining and dining with known CIA agents the likes of Eric Little is an unpatriotic assault on the country and Zimbabwe unfortunately is being bruised from all angles by these unpatriotic renegades and as expected the MDC-T.

For one to have a patriotic commitment to Zimbabwe they have to uphold the principles of protecting and preserving the country’s virtues whatever it takes and not to undermine it to further own ambitions towards the upper echelons and corridors of State House.

The sad thing is that those who are abusing the sanctity of Zimbabwe’s liberation are supposed to be the very same custodians of national sovereignty by virtue of having participated in the struggle to liberate Zimbabwe.

The lack of patriotism in the likes of Mliswa and uncles has yielded a self-obsessed and mercenary attitude as we have seen and that has a profound effect on the country as a whole. Patriotism is not a part-time promise to uphold national principles but the dedication of a lifetime to national trajectory.

It is that sense of shared sense of identity for the preservation of national pride and identity. Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle provided that platform and it is up to the people of Zimbabwe to proudly uphold.

Quislings like Mliswa do not inspire and will never build nations. It is compound and united structures like the ruling party that build nations.

The nation is the complex entity with its people being the component parts defining it.

Tampering with the core of this unique entity has a disastrous cumulative effect on all the micro component parts.

Those errant comrades who have been shown the door out of ZANU-PF were tinkering with the nucleus that anchors the nation as a whole.

The gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe were ready to sacrifice all for the greater good of the whole country and not only the individual pieces that make up the whole.

The young men and women who liberated the country were patriots who were committed to uplifting all Zimbabweans from the mire and mud created by the racist Rhodesian system.

Zimbabwe’s independence did not come free of charge, many a young men and women lost their lives and for the likes of Mliswa to cosy up to known CIA agents insistent on undermining and compromising the ideals of the sacred struggle is morally unrefined.

As Tsvangirai has said to Didymus Mutasa, “If you are proposing love to a girl you do not do that in the media or in public. Mutasa has not approached me and if he really wanted to engage me at that level he would have come to me through the right channels.”

What more could be said?

Birds of the same feather flock together!