President Mugabe is a hero — Mutambara


    Addressing delegates at a Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce-organised seminar in Harare recently, the Acting PM said there was need to make documentaries of heroes like General Josiah Tongagara, assassinated former Zanu chairman Herbert Chitepo and President Mugabe.

    "Where is the documentary on Tongogara, on Chitepo on (President) Mugabe? These are our heroes. Zimbabweans should celebrate their heroes," he said.

    "I was asking President Mugabe, where is your biography? When are you finishing your book? What is wrong with you?"

    Acting PM Mutambara assured delegates at the seminar that though the inclusive Government had its difficulties, it was working hard to address them.

    "We have challenges. We are trying our best. There are areas where we have disagreements. We have been very slow in achieving political hygiene matters. We are also realising that this inclusive Government is the only show in town," he added.

    Acting PM Mutambara reiterated that there was no other option to the current interim political arrangement in Zimbabwe.

    "The alternative is too ghastly to contemplate," he said.

    Business leaders attending the seminar told the Acting PM they were ready "to run but politics is not ready", and asked for assurances from him that the inclusive Government was working as a team.

    They also called for the enactment of policies tailored to protect local industries from foreign companies selling their goods on the local market at very low prices. But the Acting PM said business should not to be crybabies and must rise to the occasion as globalisation had destroyed geographical boundaries.

    However, he said Government would provide an enabling environment for companies to do business competitively.

    He also challenged farmers to attract private investment, saying subsidisation in agriculture "should be a bonus".