Deposed MDC-UK Chairman Tapa linked to Tsvangirai booing


    I was left in no doubt that those people who jeered and booed the Prime Minister had a plan in mind, there were out to embarrass the Prime Minister, was it by chance that most of them wore  ROHR and Zim -Vigil T shirts? 

    The Prime Minister stopped delivering his prepared speech and offered to take questions from the group of Zimbabweans who were from all parties, with a large contingent from Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) and Vigil, both of which claim to be a human rights organisations and support asylum claims for Zimbabweans in exchange for money and attendance at their demonstrations outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London.

    Speaker and speaker said they did not want to go home because it was still not safe and the economy was still not able to sustain their standards of living, but the prime minister said his government was working to create a more secure environment and that Zimbabweans in the diaspora could contribute to building the economy.

    Some of the crowd started taking pictures of themselves in the Cathedral……………which they might use as evidence of their asylum claims.

    Ah, and Ephraim Tapa’s right-hand man, ’Paradzai’ was also seen leaning against the walls. I smell a dead rat here!

    They did not give the Prime Minister his chance to explain himself, had he been allowed to speak we should have been able to comment basing on the contextual meaning of his speech rather than to disrupt him, I don’t like it personally when a hand full of people, despite having their freedom of expression are then said to be representing Zimbabwean people.

    These people Zimbabweans they might be , they were representing some people who do not like the Prime minister. In as much as they may have succeeded in dressing down  the  PM they better wake up and smell the coffee and realise that change is a process that does not happen overnight.

    Zimbabweans in general always want to adopt a wait and see attitude, the  Prime Minister was marely asking those who are willing to go back and help to start rebuild Zimbabwe to do so and urged others to start focusing on doing so as well.

    To me it was not a bad speech because at the end of the day no matter what the PM  might have said the decision of going back lies with individuals so why boo him?

    Watching back the scenes on BBC last night, I felt for the man. How can we treat our leader with such little or no respect at all .

    The PM is part of an inclusive  government , he does not only represent MDC members but all Zimbabweans in general. Rome wasn’t built in a day , its easier to destroy than to build lets give the PM the credit he deserves and lets not also forget that he is human he is bound to make mistakes and mistakes he will make but lets not also forget what he has achieved  as an individual and as  a leader, lets not forget what he has gone through, what he has lost,and his dedication to see a free Zimbabwe lets give the man a chance as PM and see where he is going to take and lead us to, its allowed to be sceptical , but also it is a healthy thing to have hope and be positive and approach situations with an open mind. 

    No doubt that the experience will make him a stronger person