Jonathan Moyo a pathetic political opportunist


    That was a headline unfurling what I considered disparaging analysis of the PM’s journey to Washington. The Professor, also commonly known as the former minister of ZANU PF propaganda, launched an uncalled for scathing attack on the person of the PM.

    I simply found his attack and analysis diaphanous, naïve and out of sync with reality, hence my response. The ex-minister equated the PM to a slave, blaming him for misrepresenting the government of Zimbabwe before Western leaders. Such an assertion sounded derogatory, amorphous and unjustified. As an ex-minister, Moyo should write with a modicum of reason and pragmatism. By attacking the PM yokel-style, the ex-minister of propaganda demonstrated that he is a knavish politician bound to undertake any venture to throw spanners into the PM’s moving engine.

    The trajectory of statements said to date by the ex-minister in referring to the PM speak volumes of his selective reasoning. His persuasions therefore are suspect because they send out poisonous canards to any innocent mind. As Moyo took a tirade against the PM, he forgot to ask himself why the economy of Zimbabwe is on life support.

     He also childishly forgot that the draconian legislation he advocated for like AIPPA, POSA and many others had injected new blood in a destructive regime to bring the country’s economy on its knees.

    He also forgot that since the year 2000, the government of Zimbabwe has been in comma as evidenced by school children buying own books and sick patients finding own medicines and medical personnel. Government had already ceased to cater for public interest.

    There was taxation without representation. After the crisis, then came the PM to salvage a situation. ZANU PF had to accommodate the PM because they were going nowhere. They needed the legitimacy to be in office before the world. The PM needed a platform to save starving masses, hence the symbiotic relationship. Everyone knows that ZANU PF was running out of ideas.

    What would they do in 2008 which they had failed to do in the last decade? In the same heat of that analysis that’s when the ex-minister comes in and blames the West for setting up rules for distribution of aid. He forgot that in the last decade resources had enriched the chosen few at the expense of the suffering majority. The West simply had to come in to ensure that aid reaches the grassroots people without being abused to solicit for political votes.

    The same aid would have to be monitored because since ZANU PF is in the departure lounge currently, the panoply of its anatomy of greed would call for massive last ditch embezzlement of aid to secure future silos of wealth.

    It’s also common knowledge now that Mugabe has a heavy hand on the GNU, that’s why MDC prisoners still languish in jails, telephone justice is still the common song and Bennett will only get into office when ZANU PF is buried. Farms continue to be raided and violence is still up in the air.

    Why should the West lift sanctions or give aid directly to the GNU when the consequences are obvious? The West, as donors, has the right to know where their aid is going. To trust the GNU led by the wrong minds is but to sacrifice the interests of the down-trodden majority.

    NGOs could better serve the interests of the people because at least there is a guaranty that aid will reach the people instead of ending up in the hands of a few big-wigs. As long as Zimbabwe is in need of aid, then they should be ready to play to the tune of the donors. Ane mari ndiye mukuru.

    The fact that Walter Mzembi was sidelined by President Obama at the White House was the very reason Jona Moyo made an outburst for the wrong reasons. Moyo was literally enraged especially knowing that he himself has been sidelined from the Victoria Falls retreat before. He knows how embarrassing it is to be left out in the quay before the public eye. To Mzembi, all I can say is that he should thank his gods that he rode a plane and saw Washington for the first time.

    The PM acted professionally and did the best he could. That the Zimbabwe Democracy Recovery Act has not been amended as yet is because of the arrogance of those in charge of the GNU. If sanctions are to be removed, those defying the rule of law in the GNU obviously know how to behave. I am thankful that the PM shed some light on the objectives of his state visit.

     Previously, such trips had been held as mysteries only associated with bootlicking Women’s League members spreading carpets at the open airport surfaces and singing loud enough to lose their voices as they would be bidding farewell to Mugabe at the airport. They would then welcome him back same-style from undisclosed journeys for hidden business agenda.

    This is just a fresh and new day where every event is put on the table for everyone to see! Moyo should think and reason like a Professor. The days of thinking that he is talking to blind-folded and intoxicated village yokels are over. His blabbering can at times be disturbing and unsettling. The best way is to ignore him because he yearns for attention like a cry baby. This is a new day calling for new behavior. After all, talk of sour grapes! Tapiwa Kapurura writes from his website :