Magistrate, Prosecutor Fail to Turn-up for Shonhe's Bail Hearing

Shonhe, who is being charged for perjury under Section 183 (1) of Criminal Law and Codification Reform Act, is accused of having lied under oath when he swore to an affidavit that three members of the MDC had been re-abducted by State security agents.

The Attorney-General’s Office through prosecutor, Allen Masiya, invoked Section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act on Thursday, blocking his release.

Munyonga then deferred the matter to Friday.

However, both Munyonga and Masiya were not present at the courts as they were alleged to be attending a workshop.

Shonhe who is detained at Harare Remand Prison also failed to appear before court as prison officials alleged that they had no fuel. The matter has since been postponed to Monday.

"There is clear lack of sincerity on the part of certain players in the inclusive government who are bent on perpetuating the old order of injustice and none accountability.

"It is the MDC’s view that the continued victimisation of MDC activists and other human rights campaigners such as WOZA clearly causes a major threat to the efforts of the progressive forces in the inclusive government. The MDC calls for the immediate and unconditional release of its Director-General," said the party in a statement.