‘MDC Renewal MPs tried to ride on Tsvangirai’s popularity’

MDC-T BULAWAYO executive has accused  the MDC-Renewal team for hypocrisy in what it said they tried to ride on party’s President Morgan Tsvangiorai’s popularity after the splinter group accused MDC-T for donating 21 seats to Zanu PF when it got them expelled from parliament recently.


Twenty-one MPs were expelled from parliament by the speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda at the instigation of MDC-T which said they were no longer members after they formed the United MDC together with the Welshman Ncube led MDC.
Following their expulsion several members of the MDC-Renewal Team accused MDC-T for donating the seats they were holding to Zanu PF. Among the members who uttered such statements were MDC- Renewal secretary general Tendai Biti, former Tsholotsho North MP Roseline Nkomo, her husband Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, and party’s spokesperson Jacob Mafume.

Their claim that MDC-T was donating the seats to Zanu PF was sealed on the grounds that the MDC-T had declared that it will not participate in any election unless electoral reforms were done.

MDC- T Bulawayo deputy spokesperson Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda said the MDC Renewal members were liars and hypocrites who wanted to take advantage of Tsvangirai’s popularity to stay in parliament yet at the same time they were mocking and demonizing him.

“The MDC-T has not donated seats to Zanu PF as claimed by MDC- Renewal. Who has banned them from contesting looming by elections in the same seats,” said Mafa Sibanda. “They are hypocrites. They wanted to ride on the popularity of Tsvangiraui like what Ncube (Welshman) did in 2005.”

Mafa Sibanda said if the MDC Renewal was a serious party worthy their salt they would contest and retake the 14 seats which are contestable against Zanu PF.

“They know that their political history without Tsvangiari is doomed,” he said. “Who is cheating who here?”

Mafa Sibanda’s remarks come at a time when the MDC Renewal has announced that it will not bar any of its members keen on contesting the forthcoming June by-elections as independents, but the party will not assist them in campaigning.

The opposition party said it was within the members’ democratic rights to contest any election.

Party’ spokesperson Mafume said the party was boycotting the polls describing them as “the most useless and pointless election in the history of Zimbabwe”.

“The party decision for now is we are not taking part in the by-elections,” he said.

“We strongly feel that they are the most useless and pointless election in the history of Zimbabwe.

“The Speaker (of Parliament Jacob Mudenda) was overzealous in declaring the seats vacant.

“He acted illegally and action should be taken against him.”

Mafume said the resources to be channelled towards the by-elections should instead be used to procure food and stock feed to avert the looming hunger.

President Robert Mugabe has declared 14 constituencies vacant countrywide and has ordered by-elections to be held on June 10.

Of the 14, five are in Bulawayo.

The nomination courts will sit on April 16 at Tredgold Magistrates’ Court building.

Zanu PF has since invited members interested in contesting the 14 constituency seats to submit their CVs by today as preparation for the polls heats up.

Zanu PF has not won a single seat in Bulawayo since 2000 and if opposition parties boycott the polls, the ruling party will score a first.

MDC-T’s position on contesting the by elections is not yet clear as divisions are reportedly escalating in the party as to whether the party should contest or not.