‘Fast and Furious 7′ premieres tonight

Poster  for  “Fast and Furious 7”  movie

Poster for “Fast and Furious 7” movie

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Entertainment Reporter
The much-waited movie “Fast and Furious 7” premières worldwide today and locally Ster Kinekor cinemas in Eastgate and Westgate will unveil the film. Eastgate Ster Kinekor 105 manager Grace Mtongerwa said it is premièring internationally but at different times.

“We are happy that we managed to get the franchise to première the movie here. Like the flashy cars, fast attitudes and fun times of ‘Fast and Furious 6’, the première of the latest installment of the popular movie is also flashy and entertaining,” she said.

She said guests will be treated to some entertainment from local artistes.

“Since the movie is about cars, at Westgate they are hosting a motor show before the première while here will do something close to that, but we have entertainment courtesy of Ammara Brown, BaShupi, Soul Africa, DJ Rax and Mudiwa among others. The movie will start at 7pm promptly,” she said

Mtongerwa said tickets started selling two months ago.

“With the hype from locals, we saw it necessary to start selling tickets of the movie as another marketing tool hence we are happy to announce that they are all sold out. We are also excited that a local motor oil company Motul is our official sponsor and fans will walk away with some prizes,” she said. She added that the event is a red carpet affair.

However, according to some sources, the film is slated to be a revenge thriller and is expected to pick up where the previous film left off – with the death of Owen Shaw (Luke Evans).

As a result, his brother Ian (Jason Statham) will seek revenge and will go on a killing spree that includes the death of Han (Sung Kang), one of the main characters in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.”

And the spoiler also gives viewers a hint as to what will happen with Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Connor.

Walker died a year ago while the film was still in production.

Many wondered whether the film would cut his role out and whether the footage he filmed would be used.

Some of the questions have seemingly been answered, but not completely.

The rumour is that Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, will be retired rather than killed off in this film, although the filmmakers have asked preview audiences not to reveal exactly what happens ahead of release.

The movie will be in theatres after its release.