‘WE DO NOT RECYCLE OLD SONGS’…Harvest House International Choir a driving force in gospel music

Bishop Nyathi

Bishop Nyathi

Nigel Siziba, Sunday Life Reporter
AFTER releasing its album (CD) and live DVD, Harvest House International choir looks determined to send waves in the world of gospel music.

In fact, the choir seems unstoppable in wanting to be one of the best choirs in southern Africa and beyond. The album, aptly titled Genesis, is truly the beginning of better things to come.

Harvest Choir

Harvest Choir

Minister Suku Luphahla highlighted in the church magazine that the 2017/18 apostolic year has been exciting for the music hub.

“The 2017/18 year has been exciting indeed for the music core, as we have experienced a tremendous growth in the number of choirs participating. Twenty-one choirs participated in the Clash of Choirs 2018 and it has become a trending event in Bulawayo,” she said.

choir 3

This year’s Clash of Choirs was graced by some celebrated artistes locally and internationally.

“Dr Tumi was one of the adjudicators together with Lindelani Mkhize of Joyous Celebration, award-winning Pastor Charles Charamba and Rachel Chigwada. The competition was ultimately won by Worship Temple Unveiled who walked away with $5 000,” she said.

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The Harvest House Super Choir was established after a tough audition on 27 January and 116 choristers qualified from all the hub of choirs.

“Harvest House Music established the Super Choir through an audition process which was meant to select the best of the best from all the hub choirs and 116 qualified and a lot of effort was put. We had long day and night practice sessions and finally 60 members remained after a rigorous vetting process,” she said.

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Bishop Colin Nyathi also said over the past five years they have been recording songs during the Clash of Choirs competitions.

“We have been doing this for the past five years and we have been recording the songs during the competitions and we have 400 songs. In this album we only had to choose the best 25 and perfected them, also as Harvest Music we do not recycle old songs,” he said.

He further said the CD and DVD will have a huge impact locally and internationally.

“Our CD and DVD will have a huge impact around the world because it is already airing on different platforms like ZBC, One Gospel on DStv, Australia, UK, the list is endless,” he said.

One of the Harvest House International products Takesure Zamar Ncube said the choir will have a huge influence in the Sadc region.

“I can confidently say it is undeniable that we have the best choir that can be rated with the likes of Joyous Celebration, but ours is unique because we are more balanced and our strength is that we are flexible in terms of language use because in this album we used Shona, Ndebele, Zulu, Venda and English,” he said.

He added that it was a rare opportunity that can be given to an artiste to be part of the project.

“It is a rare opportunity to be given such a platform. No matter how talented you are getting such an opportunity is very uncommon. I have gone around and I have seen artistes knocking on doors for such opportunities, to me this is a way of giving back to the community and to me this falls under philanthropy,” he said.

Bishop Nyathi added that if artistes feel like they are ready to go solo, the church will not stand in anyone’s way.

“This is just a platform we give to artistes and if they feel like they can stand on their own they are free and as a church that is what we want. This has seen us producing some of the finest artistes like Takesure Ncube, Brian Bangura, Absolom Ndlovu, Moses Ziwenga, Oshiana Ncube, Nompumelelo Bhebhe and Pride Panashe (Namibia), among others,” he explained.

He also revealed that they are looking forward to having a school of music.

“We have big plans and we are looking forward to recording more of them (albums) and we want to have a school of music.

We want to take our choir on a tour around and outside the country and our long term plan is to have buses with a PA systems that will support big concerts,” he said.