Chinamasa, Welshman Ncube in latest EU blackmail

The EU ban is said to have deepened rifts in Harare’s inclusive Government, it emerged Tuesday.

PM Tsvangirai is on a tour of the United States and several European countries to try to repair relations damaged during the past decade.

On Wednesday, PM Tsvangirai and six Cabinet members – two from each of the three parties in the inclusive Government – are scheduled to meet senior EU officials in Brussels for what is being dubbed a re-engagement meeting.

Three ministers, from each of Zanu-PF, the MDC and a breakaway MDC faction led by Arthur Mutambara, are accompanying him throughout the trip, with three more supposed to join the Brussels meeting.

From Zanu PF, Justice Minister Sen. Patrick Chinamasa was due to attend, but the EU is refusing him entry.

He is barred from travelling to the EU and US under so-called targeted sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the E.U..

Industry Minister Welshman Ncube, a leading member of deputy prime minister Mutambara’s MDC faction, said President Mugabe on Tuesday instructed that the trip should be aborted if Se. Chinamasa was refused entry.