Tsvangirai Not on Party Fundraising Tour – MDC

"President Mugabe is the Head of State while the Prime Minister Hon Morgan Tsvangirai is the Head of Government responsible for the government business in Parliament as well as the formulation and implementation of government policy, according to the Global Political Agreement. 

"President Mugabe is not the sole repository of executive authority as mischievously claimed by The Herald. Article 20 of the GPA is clear that executive authority rests with Cabinet, the President and the Prime Minister.

We note with concern the abuse of state institutions, particularly The Herald and the ZBC. We continue to hear the Zanu PF voice. We continue to hear the voice of hatred, mendacity, falsehoods and unbridled malice.

The MDC was responding to a Herald report, which claimed that Tsvangirai was fundraising for his party in Europe, dismissing the report as ‘a mischievous and dishonest claim’.

"Zimbabweans are aware that the inclusive government is a combination of different political parties. It cannot be an inclusive team of exclusive players with one of them notoriously claiming executive player status.

The MDC President has since reiterated that his mission is to re-engage the international community so that Zimbabwe once again rejoins the family of nations. 

"For the record, the MDC as a party has never ruptured relations with the international community and we cannot be held responsible for the negative perceptions the world has about those who thought sovereignty means severing ties with everyone.

All the MDC and its leadership have sought to do is to engage the international community to assist and support the inclusive government as a transitory mechanism which remains the most viable route to a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning," said the MDC in a statement.