LATEST: GMB assures nation


Robin Muchetu, Senior Reporter

THE Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has assured the nation and farmers in particular that it is putting up measures to ensure that deliveries of grain are done within shortest possible time.

This was said by the general manager Mr Rockie Mutenha in a statement.

He said as part of ensuring that this was done expeditiously the board was working long hours at some of the busiest depots as well as recruiting additional staff to ensure payments were done in time too.

“The GMB also intends to scale up the opening of collection points pending its receipt of funding from Treasury. The opening of collection points will also assist to decongest its depots countrywide,” he said.

Some depots were reportedly full to capacity and the GMB resorted to removing Presidential Inputs in order to create more space for the grain coming in from farmers.

“Further to that the GMB is in the process of installing 26 additional weighbridges at its busy depots.

Early this year, the GMB also ordered 1 600 platform scales (10 bag scale). 300 scales have already been delivered and are being assized by our technical department before they are distributed to various depots and collection points to expedite maize deliveries,” said Mr Mutenha.

GMB however said farmers must continue to deliver grain to the national granary and for them to also adhere to the prescribed quality standards.

GMB only accept maize that meets the required standards in terms of quality and moisture content. This is critical to ensure long term storability and minimal post-harvest losses.