Obama nearly falls down steps of Air Force One

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

WASHINGTON. — US president Barack Obama nearly tumbled down the steps of his presidential plane, Air Force One, yesterday.

Mr Obama was returning to Washington DC from a golfing trip in Florida when he bounded from the door of the plane only to lose his footing before steadying himself to continue his descent down the stairs.

He continued walking across the tarmac, where he saluted waiting officers before getting into a waiting vehicle, apparently uninjured.

It was almost a scene reminiscent of the time that then US president Gerald Ford tripped down the stairs and was relentlessly roasted on shows like Saturday Night Live that mocked his clumsiness afterward. This time, it was Obama’s turn to nearly bite it as he jogged down the stairs of Air Force One, with perhaps a bit too much confidence and speed.

As seen in the video that went viral yesterday, Mr Obama grabs onto the railing of the plane with both hands after nearly losing his footing, and recovers without hitting the steps with his rear end. — Agencies.