"Bloody" war for ZAPU-UK escalates – Nicholas Ndebele Vs. Tichaona Dauramanzi

The Zimbabwe Mail has obtained information pointing to deep-rooted problems in the ZAPU interim leader in Zimbabwe where the big fish are fighting each other to control the interim structures before the ear-marked congress whose dates are yet to be confirmed.

Accusations have been flying around of counter-accusations, with all sides calling each other CIO agents, Zanu PF or MDC infiltrators as a way of denouncing each other.

We can also reveal that the blood and thunder in ZAPU’s Zimbabwe leadership is over donations made by United Kingdom factions who are competing against each other to buy favours from "elders".  

Similar problems have been reported in South Africa where gun-shots have been fired in one ZAPU meeting resulting in police arrests.

Nicholas Ndebele is at pains trying to link Mr Dauramanzi, a former Airforce of Zimbabwe officer with the most hated man Perence Shiri and Dauramanzi has dismissed the email as the last kick of a dying horse, saying: "I cannot afford to be a friend of a dictator/killer.

It is believed that Tichaona Dauramanzi is being sidelined on tribal lines by virtue of his first name.

This email is an attempt to divert ZAPU supporters from a collective decision that was made in Leicester". "It is very pathetic to see someone of Mr Ndebele’s social standing trying to use such a sad episode in our country with his failure to lead the party in the UK," says Dauramanzi.

"This shows how desperate Mr Ndebele is, who honestly has not worked for the civil service in Zimbabwe? Even the entire current ZAPU leadership itself has at some point worked for the civil service, moreso the government of Mr Mugabe. In that case, Mr Ndebele should eject the entire ZAPU leadership because they have worked for government institutions.

I have never worked directly for Mr Mugabe myself, I was a civil servant just like teachers, police and nurses and this was in the late 1990s. I had no influence in policy making, I was just a trainee airman. Mr Ndebele must be careful not to open a Pandora’s box. In a way he is disqualifying all teachers, nurses, doctors etc from supporting ZAPU? ," he added.

Below, we publish Mr Ndebele’s email unedited.

Dear Mr T Dauramanzi,

I hope you are well as I greet you and family today. It has been brought to my attention that you have declared yourself chairman of the UK/Europe zapu province and announced that I and Mr Magonya are no longer in our elected posts. I have got and continue to get phone calls asking me the same question that I now pass on to you: "Mr Dauramanzi, what are you up to?" A lot of suspicions are being raised about your real agenda in Zapu and although I have been trying to defend you as a senior committee member I am suposed to be working with closely, your actions are making it extremely hard to defend what is clearly becoming the indefensible.

Mr Dauramanzi, when people are raising very real concerns about your very close links to Air Marshall Pernce (Perence) Shiri through your engagement in the Air Force, your actions are not helping in dispelling those concerns. I am sure you appreciate what memories the name Perence Shiri envokes in many people of Zimbabwe and especially those in Matebeleland. people are also aware that the said Perence Shiri is perched at the helm of the air force for a very special reason to strike again with the same brutality of the "Gukurahundi" when the need arises.

In this respect, Gukurahundi was especially trained to exterminate Zapu and Perence Shiri is still positioned to do the same today. Is it therefore by mere coincidence that you today with those close links to him and having been mentored by him, are bussy and passionate about destroying Zapu? To consolidate the suspicions of the people, you seem to be passionate about bringing close to you and close to the control of Zapu, people who have also been closely associated with institutions/establishments that were used to suppress and fight Zapu as the Chronicle newspaper and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

All this gives a perfect picture of a well coordinated effort to continue to fight and destroy Zapu. The only difference is that this time round the job is being done from purportedly inside. People are asking questions as to why it is that suddenly, individuals who have been known and are still known for their long association with (if not the only association), the establishments that were and still continue to be vehemently hostile to zapu, are masquarading (masquerading) as the most zealous members and supporters of Zapu and yet their actions louder in terms of destroying the party.

 Mr Dauramanzi, Zimbabweans are not as gullible as some quartters might think. You will realise that I have been quiet all along not because I cannot talk or write, but because I want to respect the leadership of the party and because I am quite aware of the real enemies of Zapu and the power they wield which power can best be combated with the truth. I knew also that very soon the real agenda of destroying zapu will expose itself, it was a matter of loosening the rope to make it longer.

Mr Dauramanzi, the people see through what is happenning and no guise will work. Zapu is a party distinguished by its trade mark of DISCIPLINE and I am sure that mark will be seen by all and from  far and wide.

In the meantime Mr Dauramanzi, I urge you to heed the counsel of our elders and the party leadership and desist from giving your military-style directives as those of purporting to suspend the Information and publicity secretary. If there is anything that you would want me to clarify please dont hesitate to call me. Perhaps you can now answer the question everybody is asking; WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?

Nick Ndebele

IPE Chairman 

In a shocking twist of events, the ZAPU council of elders has resolved to reinstate disposed chairman Mr Nicholas Ndebele.

A statement has been posted by Mr Zwelibanzi Moyo, the party’s suspended publicity secretary stating that Mr Ndebele was still in charge of the province – despite being booted out in an unopposed vote of no confidence in Leicester. Mr Moyo was reportedly served with his suspension orders by the Acting Chairman Mr Tichaona Dauramanzi for allegedly indiscipline and acting outside a democratically elected system.

 The news of Mr Ndebele’s comeback will send shockwaves among ZAPU supporters across Britain after it emerged that the council of elders who reinstated him were hand picked by the few who are opposed to Mr Ndebele sacking.

The ZAPU constitution states that the council of elders is elected by each district. On this occasion, this was not the case. It remains to be seen what criteria was used to pick up the council of elders. On Monday, there was another statement by the group elected in Leicester to run the affairs of the party up to election time. The statement dismissed any statements posted by anyone saying such statements did not reflect genuine decisions made by the mandated committe.

Below is the  unedited statement posted by Mr Moyo on behalf of the unknown chairman of elders Mr Pollant Jabavu Mpofu.

Elders affirm their belief in the supremacy and inviolability of the constitution of ZAPU and ZAPU Conference resolutions.  As Elders we are committed to the strict observance and enforcement of ZAPU Constitution and its resolutions. We will therefore conform to the spirit and letter of the constitution.

It is our duty as the custodians of the party policies and constitution that we appraise you of the situation as it prevails today in the UK & Europe province after an attempted disruption of the party activities by the enemies of the people of Zimbabwe. This statement is a follow up to the one we issued last week.

The province is under the stewardship of the Executive Committee led by Mr Nicholas Ndebele.  We have met as a Council of Elders and resolved as follows:

1)      At a time convenient to all parties, a meeting will be convened between us as Elders and the Working Committee of the Province;

2)      After meeting the Working Committee, we will then arrange for a meeting with the entire Provincial Executive Committee;

3)      Our last meeting will be for all party members in the Province.

We would like to assure Mr Nicholas Ndebele and his Executive Committee that you have the support of the National Executive Committee at home and we are fully behind you. In the meantime we are reading through the disciplinary code and would like members to understand that ZAPU is a party with discipline and we will certainly ensure that discipline is instilled in the party at all levels.

As elders we have a burden to see that party leadership and its members adhere to the organisation’s constitution in order to bring strong popular leadership, more tolerant, whose agenda will bring prosperity to the people and fair rule that will be envied by many nations.

It is heartbreaking that Zimbabwe entered the 21st century as one of the poorest countries at the bottom of the United Nations Human Development index, a condition that was exacerbated by Robert Mugabe’s corruption and oppressive rule.  But the courage and resilience of our people, and immense support by the International Community, presented to Zimbabwe a tremendous opportunity for developing world class economy.

What emerged in since Mugabe’s rule has been a pathetic and painful picture of socio-economic decline corruption and generally poor governance; the challenge of any incoming government in the next election will be to reverse this trend, by establishing proper governance and sustainable development, and generally breaking the depressing cycle of poverty.

In this regard, ZAPU will present a decisive opportunity to the people of Zimbabwe to choose the party that will lead the country to the path of progress and development.

No nation can function without the essential elements of peace and stability.  ZAPU government will therefore rely on its police and military forces for the internal and external security of the state respectively.  We will ensure that these forces are properly trained and equipped to enforce law and order to counter any threats – actual or potential and generally enhance national security.

ZAPU government will introduce unique development programmes tested and proven that will lift Zimbabwe from its current state of disrepair and desperation by rebuilding its human resources, its social services and physical infrastructure that will gear the nation towards equitable and sustainable economic growth.  Zimbabwean will once again see hope for a better future.

In every nation today, the principles of transparency and accountability and the elimination of corrupt practices are generally recognised as indispensable attributes for good governance.  ZAPU government will ensure the strict adherence to these principles and practices, and will subject itself to any international democratic benchmarks.

In addition to this, general conditions of service for executive members of ZAPU at all levels of leadership from branch to national executive to remain attractive, Elders will make it their duty to thoroughly examined how all elections were conducted and make sure that proper and adequate policies were put in place to make party leadership work attractive and productive to all best talents of men and women.

As elders we are geared to visit every district and be listen to and learn from them how best we can mould successful leadership champions from branch level to national executive that will make our organisation attract the best brains and rising aspiration required to be realistically achieved and the need for change in order to meet those new collective needs.

We are also going to address new insecurities our people feel – and speaking on behalf of all elders we can make changes to address them too.

Elders’ aspirations, priorities and mission is to renew ourselves is to engage people to speak the truth and build trust to each other in order to meet the challenges we all face individually or collectively. Men and women are anxious about their job, their future Zimbabwe, and they are yeaning for stronger well organised people showing ability to be unity builders in an amicable manner transparent to all, with: duty, honesty, hard work, and respect for others.

Elders’ conviction is that all of us have civic duty responsibility and the driving power of social conscience to each other. Many of us have been displaced, lost homes in Zimbabwe and here and are stateless, no legal status in this country and not allowed to work in order to make this country have wider base of tax payers, few with work permit or permanent stay are working hard to keep our brothers and sisters going here and back home. Some who are here cannot pay their tuition fees, which are now beyond their reach, they are on their own.

This calls for us to unite and be keepers of each other, all those who cannot make it on their own, can with our party strength of unity make a serious defence for all similar or better that those we witnessed and displayed by Gaggers and political parties that supported their case.

Zimbabwean community in this country composes of highly educated men and women in all sectors of economic sectors and can raise champions that can run a battalion, that can easily unity people and friends from many nations represented in this country.

It must be understood that our organisation during the coming democratic Zimbabwe parliamentary election is going to field an equal number of women candidates. For that to be reality it calls for all men and women to join the organisation now and start to display their leadership skills in bringing in equality laws, change the precipitous, prejudice and culture that is used by other political parties to disadvantage women and make recommendations for rectifying, the disparity between the representations of women and consider such other matters as might, by agreement; be referred for consideration, because all the big challenges we face: the environment, raising education standards, building better communities , economic empowerment etc – can only be met by directly involving and engaging women in their solution.

Wherever we find opportunity denied, aspirations unfulfilled, potential unrealised; wherever and whenever we find injustice and unfairness, there we must be also – and it is our duty to act.

Elders believe that with that kind of unity portrayed heavily on specific policy points, themes of broad values, and empathy for the daily challenges we all face to match the intensity, specificity and effectiveness desired, and making the case that will compel.

With that kind of unity all UK major political parties represented in both houses; House of Commons and lords will work with us, civilisation norms of this country gives us right to demand them to do so. They all know Zimbabweans are hard working people with valuable skills.

The good thing is that this nation is very sympathetic to our predicament, our unity will help us establish working relationships that would be planted firmly on ground and powerful enough to give us everything we want that would be beneficial to this nation here in Britain and in our new future democratic Zimbabwe.

Elders want to make everybody a player, not spectators and bring fight for true democracy our political party stands for, search of truth, with aggressive agenda, which call for honest, personal sound judgment and collective responsibility that identify common ground on the polarizing issues – critical to bring people together and inspire high feelings, instead of inspiring cringes.

Elders want to see that every boy and girl is engaged in practicing leadership skills as our future leaders and have platform of learning debate skills and opportunity to be part of solution providers, so that we built a truly world class leaders in them at early stage and create a greater liberation force for their future generation, so that no people will live in poverty or under oppressive regimes, so that the heart of building a better Zimbabwe is on course.

Wherever we find opportunity denied, aspirations unfulfilled, potential unrealised; wherever and whenever we find injustice and unfairness, there we must be also – and it is our duty to act.

And I say to you all: by virtue of ZAPU Resolution No: 5 since January 2009 – after the Consultative Conference held in December 2008 empowered of Elders at all levels of the party to supervise and conduct elections and where necessary to reshuffle the existing Committees. This means that any elections conducted without supervision of Elders is unconstitutional

Secondly, it was proposed that soon after the Conference, that Council of Elders be formed at Provincial and National levels to carry-out their duties in an organised, systematic manner.

Elders are there to see to it that everything is done according to ZAPU Constitution and in according to ZAPU Conference resolutions, and to do so is in line with their mandates of ZAPU leadership and resolutions of the Conference endorsed and expected to be enforced rigorously with immediate effect, in order to stop political misguided political opportunist to undercut the ZAPU Constitution and ZAPU Party Conference Resolutions.

Accordingly, we will work hard for you on terms and conditions of ZAPU Resolution No: 5.

Pollant Jabavu Mpofu

Chairman of Elders ZAPU UK & Europe Province