What happens next in Zimbabwe after deal?

Here is what is likely to happen next:

HOW WILL MUGABE AND TSVANGIRAI MOVE FORWARD? – Mugabe and Tsvangirai are expected to form a new cabinet, including opposition figures who have been arrested by Mugabe’s government several times since the MDC emerged nine years ago as as the biggest threat to ZANU-PF’s hold on power.

HOW WILL THE DEAL BE SIGNED? – South African President Thabo Mbeki, who has been the regional mediator in the talks, could invite regional leaders to witness either a symbolic signing ceremony or inauguration of Zimbabwe’s new unity government.

WILL WESTERN POWERS GIVE THEIR BLESSINGS? – World powers, including the United States and Zimbabwe’s former colonial master Britain, are likely to hold back immediate endorsement of the power-sharing deal until they see the details and how it will work in practice. If they determine a new government is democratic, Western countries are expected to consider major investment and aid packages.

HOW WILL REGIONAL POWERS SUPPORT THE SETTLEMENT? – The 15-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU) will call on the international community to support the Zimbabwe agreement and urge financial support to revive the country’s crumbling economy.

HOW WILL THE GOVERNMENT START ECONOMIC RECOVERY? – The new unity government is expected to agree an emergency economic revival programme, and to dispatch Tsvangirai to help mobilise financial and food aid for a country which critics say has been destroyed by years of mismanagement.

WILL ZIMBABWEANS ABROAD RETURN HOME, OR WAIT? – Some Zimbabweans abroad may start weighing plans to return home, but a majority of the millions in neighbouring countries, Europe and America will take their time to assess the political settlement before deciding on their future.

WHAT ABOUT RELATIONS WITH UNIONS? – Zimbabwe’s new unity government may negotiate with labour unions and industry over a moratarium on wages and prices to help stabilise an economy struggling with the world’s highest inflation rate of over 11 million percent.

HOW WILL CORRUPTION BE TACKLED? – The new government is also expected to launch a crackdown on crime and corruption which has worsened the crisis of an economy with severe food, fuel and foreign currency shortages.