Retailers effect bread price cuts

Diana Nherera Herald Reporter
Retailers yesterday lived up to the promise of reducing the price of bread from $1 a loaf to between 93 cents and 97 cents after bakers reduced the wholesale price of the commodity from 90 cents per loaf to 85 cents. Spar Zimbabwe group merchandising executive Mr Andrew Dobson said they had resorted to the new prices and bread was now being sold at between 93 cents and 97 cents, depending on the brand and quality.

“I can confirm that Village, Bridge, Letombo and Golden Stairs Spar supermarkets have already effected the new prices of bread and it is now being sold at 93 cents and some for 97 cents,” said Mr Dobson.

The reduction in the price of bread by retailers comes after the Grain Millers of Zimbabwe, the Bakers Association of Zimbabwe and retailers met and agreed that it was unfair to continue selling bread at $1 after the introduction of bond coins.

The price of bread was being rounded off to $1 because of the non-availability of change, a problem which the bond coins solved.

OK Zimbabwe marketing manager Ms Tendai Makomva said by yesterday only two suppliers, Bakers Inn and Plaza Bakers from Kwekwe, had reduced their wholesale prices.

“We now purchase bread from Bakers Inn at 86 cents and we are now selling it at 96 cents per loaf,” she said.

“OK Zimbabwe now purchases bread from Plaza Bakery of Kwekwe at 85 cents per loaf and then we then sell it to our customers at 95 cents.”

Ms Makomva added that OK Zimbabwe also has its in-house bakeries in many of its supermarkets which are now selling bread at 80 cents per loaf.

Many other retailers including TM and Food World were also selling bread at prices between 93 cents and 97 cents.