President to visit Algeria

Ambassador Nacerdine Sai

Ambassador Nacerdine Sai

Herald Reporter
PRESIDENT Mugabe is expected to travel to Algeria in the next few days for a State visit aimed at cementing relations between Harare and Algiers, incoming Algerian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Nacerdine Sai said yesterday. Speaking to journalists after presenting his credentials to President Mugabe at State House in Harare yesterday, Ambassador Sai said the visit would help to enhance the already flourishing relations between Zimbabwe and Algeria.

“I discussed with the President the possibility of more cooperation between our two countries,” he said.

“We also talked about the State visit by President Mugabe to Algeria in the next days.

“The trip will make bilateral relations between our two countries stronger.

“I told the President (Mugabe) that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the people of Algeria were ready to welcome him and once again expressing solidarity and friendship with the people of Zimbabwe.

“During that short meeting, I had the opportunity to tell His Excellency the wishes of good health and prosperity from His Excellency Abdelaziz Bouteflika.”

Zimbabwe and Algeria already enjoy good relations in the field of education and training and Ambassador Sai said it was important to explore ways of expanding cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Sai said his posting to Harare was the first in his capacity as ambassador although he had served in the diplomatic service in other capacities and was happy to be received by an African Statesman such as President Mugabe.

“Today is a great day in my life,” he said.

“This is the first time for me to be posted as ambassador and I am happy to have the honour of being received by a great man, President Robert Mugabe,” he said.

Ambassador Sai said he discussed possibilities of more cooperation between the two countries.

He said the distance between Algeria and Zimbabwe should not hinder engagement efforts aimed at cementing diplomatic relations.

Ambassador Sai once served as Algeria’s deputy ambassador to Britain and as a member of the Algerian Delegation to the United Nations in New York.

He also served in the diplomatic mission in Yemen and Syria before he was posted to Harare.