Triangle grilled over Bhasikiti, Mavhaire alleged connection

Mr Mavhaire

Mr Mavhaire

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter—
Triangle Limited chief executive Mr Sydney Mutsambiwa was on Thursday grilled by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment over its alleged funding of fired ministers, Cdes Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Dzikamai Mavhaire, who were accused of being part of a putchist cabal that plotted to assassinate President Mugabe.

Appearing before the committee chaired by Gokwe-Nembudziya National Assembly member Cde Justice Mayor Wadyajena, Mr Mutsambiwa admitted that the company donated to the two former ministers, but said the money went towards funding Zanu-PF’s 6th National People’s Congress.

“All the donations that were made went to specific accounts, and I can say that we were asked to deposit the money and I can give the details of the bank account, he said. “Indeed, we were requested to make donations to the Zanu-PF congress and we made the donations.”

Midlands province Proportional Representative Cde Melody Dziva also asked Mr Mutsambiwa whether or not Cde Bhasikiti and Cde Mavhaire held any shareholding in the company. “The two gentlemen are not shareholders of our company, and we have never sponsored them in their individual capacity other than as members of Zanu-PF seeking donations for things such as the conferences and so on,” Mr Mutsambiwa said.

Cde Wadyajena queried why the company continued dealing with the two former ministers when President Mugabe had made it clear that they were planning to assassinate him.

“To the best of my knowledge, when we got the request, it was to fund the Zanu-PF congress, said Mr Mutsambiwa. “We have never been and will never be part of any cabal.”

Cde Wadyajena then asked him to provide, within seven days documentary evidence showing the requests that were made by Cdes Bhasikiti and Mavhaire.

“We want the letters you got from Cde Bhasikiti, the amounts you paid, where you deposited the money and all the necessary details. It must be exhaustive, and we want it in seven days,” Cde Wadyajena said.

Cde Bhasikiti was the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs before he was fired this year for failing to perform his duties as expected.

At one Politburo meeting last year before the party’s 6th National People’s Congress, President Mugabe asked Cde Bhasikiti why he was in the wrong basket .

Cde Mavhaire, who was Minister of Energy and Power Development, was also fired for expending time and energy of factional activities to the detriment of his ministerial duties.

Mr Mutsambiwa also admitted that they were yet to comply with the indigenisation regulations and were engaging Government so that they can get empowerment credits based on the assistance they were giving to local farmers.