Employers Boss Wants Gono Out

Govere said he could stand on top of a hill and say this. "He must go full stop," he said. "He has killed this economy and we do not need him there."

Gono has been under fire even from finance minister Minister, Tendai Biti of the MDC – T. The party has since appealed to Southern African Development Community (SADC) and African Union to help them sack Gono who was re-appointed by President Robert Mugabe against the agreement of the new unity government deal. The party also want the Attorney General, Johannes Tomana, also appointed by Mugabe, to go.

Govere said EMCOZ had already said Gono should go and Mugabe was "sitting on the document".

"It is at Head Office," he said. "Some do not want him (Gono) to go but I want him to go because he is killing business."

He said the international community also wanted him to go.

Gono is accused to have continued to print more money fuelling inflation that had reached world record levels before the unity government.

Meanwhile MDC has accused Zanu PF of resorting to desperate propaganda targeted Finance Minister and MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti which they say is carried out by a special task force headed by Information and Publicity Ministry Permanent Secretary George Charamba who is planting cooked up reports in South African news organisations and other reputable International news agencies, like Associated Press in a programme heavily funded by the Reserve Bank.

Reports have been planted in South African based news agencies saying that Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Mr Tendai Biti, has called on western countries not to continue using the RBZ Governor, Doctor Gideon Gono as a scapegoat for withholding critical aid to Zimbabwe, and the MDC has flatly denied the Minister ever saying that.

Last night, the ZBC News called it a change of heart by Minister Biti who has been leading the call for Doctor Gono to step down.

In one of the planted report Mr Biti is said to have accused the west of being unscientific and unhistorical.

This comes at a time when Zanu PF propaganda machinery has lined up its political dinosaurs, including Robert Mugabe himself, his Generals, war veterans, some previously unknown organisations and other party terrorist groups who have thrown their weight behind the embattled Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono who is clinging to the job.

It is believed that some of the fly-by-night organisations are funded by Gono himself who is said to be paying huge amounts for the media campaign.

George Charamba is at the centre of planting pieces of propaganda material in South African media in the form of a letter from Gono to the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and another alleging Biti and Gono are fighting over a woman.

Sources in the MDC Information and Publicity Directorate have set up their own team to counter the latest smear campaign and circumvent the damages caused.