MDC-T MP Blessing Chebundo denied bail

High court denied Chebundo bail citing that chances are very high that if granted bail he will interfere with court witnesses.

Blessing Chebundo is facing charges of raping a 13-year-old Form 2 pupil at Mbizo high school and doctors have confirmed that the girl is 20 weeks pregnant.

Chebundo allegedly raped the girl once after crossing Sebakwe River along Harare–Kwekwe highway and threatened the girl not to report the matter to the police.

Chebundo knew the complainant through her sister who was once the child parliamentarian for Kwekwe.

Meanwhile, the Mayor for Kwekwe Shadreck Tobaiwa and Chebundo’s lawyer Tapera Sengweni are still in police custody for obstructing the course of justice.

Chebundo is said to have sent the two to the complainants’ father to try and persuade the father to withdraw the charges and settle the case out of court.

They were both remanded in custody to the 9th of June and can only apply for bail to the High court.

Family and friends of MDC MP for KweKwe Blessing Chebundo, have claimed that Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa is putting ernomous pressure on state prosecutors, to find the legislator guilty for allegedly raping a minor.

Chebundo denies the charge and has told his defence team he’s prepared to undertake a DNA test to prove his innocence. But family and party colleagues are worried at the influence Mnangawa is having on court officials in the town.

Mnangagwa, who lost twice to Chebundo in the KweKwe parliamentary elections in 2000 and 2005, is now said to be virtually based in the town, directing operations with CIO officers in a bid to ensure Chebundo is found guilty.

‘The first day Chebundo appeared in court, Mnangagwa was seated in his car outside the court room. The girl’s family are now virtually living under siege from state security agents who have barred anyone from visitng or making contact with them,’ an MDC MP in the Midlands told us on Thursday.

The MP told us Chebundo has known the alleged rape victim from the age of eight and has been helping the family with school fees since 2004.

‘Chebundo denies ever raping the girl. He admits knowing the girl since she was eight years old. The state are saying the pregnancy is as a result of Chebundo raping the girl. But the MP is saying lets have a DNA test when the child is born. So what happens if the DNA tests proves the child is not Chebundo when the state case is based on the pregnancy? Asked the MDC MP.

‘This was suppossed to have been a straightforward case but political meddling has made it impossible for the MP to get a fair trial. Mnangagwa and his cronies are adamant to see Chebundo go down,’ the MP said.

Chebundo, a founding legislator with the MDC, is alleged to have committed the rape after he offered a lift in his vehicle to the girl who is now his accuser.

Initial police reports said the legislator, who was driving to his Kwekwe base on January 5th, had pulled off the road along the way and committed the alleged offence, which reportedly came to light when the sister of the girl advised her to report the matter to the police.

According to police, a medical examination had revealed the minor was now 5 months pregnant.