Mutambara in dramatic u-turn on SADC call


    Deputy Prime Minister Professor Mutambara signed a letter together with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai demanding SADC to intervene in resolving outstanding issues.

    Speaking during an Indigenisation and the Capital Needs of the Private Sector in Zimbabwe Policy Dialogue Forum in Harare, Professor Mutambara said referring the issue of the two appointments to SADC is irrelevant as the three political leaders have the capacity to resolve it.

    He said Zimbabweans are capable enough to deal with such political challenges and should not wait to be directed on how to run their government.

    This follows an appeal made by MDC-T supported by MDC-M to have the outstanding issues discussed at a special SADC summit.

    Meanwhile, reports say SADC Secretary-General, Dr Augusto Tomaz Salomao has ruled out the need to convene a full extra-ordinary summit to tackle the outstanding issues in the inclusive government.

    Dr Salomao said it is improper for SADC to discuss individuals such as the Reserve Bank Governor and the Attorney-General.

    The MDC is seeking the intervention of SADC in forcing President Mugabe to honour his end of the bargain by rescinding the unilateral appointment of Gono and Tomana.

    The appointments were made by Mugabe without consultation with the other two principals in the inclusive government, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara.

    Mugabe extended the mandate of Gono as central bank governor in November without consultation with his two colleagues in the inclusive government, in what the parties say was a contemptuous breach of the September 15 Global Political Agreement.

    The agreement prescribed that all senior government appointments were supposed to be made in concert with all the three principals.

    The two MDC principals want Gono to be fired for allegedly vandalising the economy through so-called quasi-fiscal activities or operations unrelated to central banking and the profligate printing of cash.

    Mugabe has resolutely rebuffed these calls to dismiss Gono.

    The two MDC principals also want Tomana, who was unilaterally appointed AG by Mugabe in December without consultation with the other two principals, fired. They accuse him of abusing the judiciary by targeting opponents of Mugabe and Zanu-PF by employing punitive laws to jail or detain them.

    The appeal letter also contains the issue of provincial governors. Although Tsvangirai last week announced that the issue of provincial governors had been resolved, the appeal letter reportedly contains concerns about the implementation of the governors’ agreement.

    According to Tsvangirai, Mugabe backtracked and agreed to fire six out of the 10 Zanu-PF governors he had unilaterally appointed, but no one knew when the new governors would resume work.