Exhibition Park Flea Market Fully Operational


    A visit by Business Zimbabwe, showed that the flea market business which started recently is now thriving and there is an assortment of wares neatly displayed on the stalls which have been occupied.

    This is an upmarket flea market business which is by far different from the Mupedzanhamo flea market located in the high density suburb of Mbare. Clothing, especially African attire, dominate the wares on display but there is also some pharmaceuticals, make-up chemicals and medicines.

    “We are pleased that the flea market business is slowly picking up after we started recently and we hope that with time this will be as popular as the other flea markets in the country. Our problem at the moment is that there are still few people who are aware that we now have a flea market here, but this will soon be eliminated because the word is spreading,” said one operator who identified herself as Betty.

    It was an ingenious decision on the part of the Zimbabwe Agriculture Society, the owners of the Harare Showgrounds, to offer flea market stalls to operators.

    This makes sense especially given the fact that the place usually is fully utilized once a year during the Harare agriculture show which is the premier event on the calendar.

    The showground flea market is also ideally located, a walkable distance from the central business district.

    “The proximity of the flea market to the city is one advantage we will capitalize on. It is unlike those outside the city and also we have very good facility apart from the flea market and these include hair saloons, restaurants and various shops offering goods such as furniture and seeds,” added Betty.

    The tranquil environment and the general cleanliness of the area make it a rather more favourable place to buy wares.