Zanu PF Central Committee member Charumbira and his rented gang added their support to Robert Mugabe and his Generals pronouncements declaring that the Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono must stay put as the central banks governor and said his ouster will be contrary to the interests of Zimbabweans.

They said they were concerned by calls from some individuals in the inclusive government for the ouster of Gideon Gono.

The rogue chiefs council comprised of chief Fortune Charumbira, chief Musarurwa and chief Chinamora described Gideon Gono as a "great hero" during the country’s worst economic challenges and they have thrown their weight behind Robert Mugabe who has said that the RBZ Governor will remain in his present position at the central bank.

The Chiefs say Gono should be given a chance to prove his ability in the inclusive government.

In an apparent message to the MDC, Charumbira and his gang urged parties to stick to the GPA principles to bury political difference and put people first.

They say Gono considered the wishes of the people and saved the country from total collapse through the RBZ’s intervention such as the provision of fuel and inputs to farmers under very difficult economic conditions.

Madison puffing Eric Bloc, a Bulawayo based Chartered Accountant who has misled Zimbabweans for decades claiming that he is an economist, and one of the advisors to the central bank governor, was quoted by an online publication the Zimbabwe Times , describing Gono as a genius.

Block said it would be unfortunate if the governor was forced to step down and adding that the governor still had a lot of programmes to complete.

The rogue Governor adopted unorthodox methods over the years, which caused the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy, resulting in untold suffering amongst the poor folks, while he distributed agicultural farm inputs and machinery, food humpers, plasma TV screens, 4 X 4 vheicles, etc. to his fellow Zanu PF supporters.