Former Tennis Star Returns Home


    Black returned last month together with his wife and two sons. He says he is looking for a house to settle with his family. Currently he is staying at his father’s house in Mandara.

    While in UK he worked as a tennis coach. He says he wants to give back to Zimbabwe tennis by working as a coach and is also considering taking up the post of the country’s Davis Cup team non playing captain.

    “I have just come back home and I am happy to be back, hopefully I can give back a lot that I have learnt and hope I can also give it to my family,“ said Black in an interview.

    Black said he would like to work with Tennis Zimbabwe to restructure the game in the country.
    “I would like to get together with Tennis Zimbabwe and work out stuff on how we can do better,“ said Black.

    Black said the country‘s economy has to pick up first in order for tennis to woo back the sponsors that had been involved with the game over the years.

    His brother Byron is believed to be in South Africa while sister Cara lives in the US. Both are also tennis stars.