New Tobacco Farmers Go On Spending Sprees

Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) Public Relations Manager, journalist, Phillip Chingwaru confirmed that farmers were going on spending sprees after receiving their hard cash from the Tobacco Sales Floors (TSF) and the BOKA Auction Tobacco Floors in Harare.

Tobacco is going for between US$2 and US$5 and the farmers are making a killing in Harare from daily sales which are paid for immediately after the sale.

The farmers are snapping up television sets, DVDs, CDs, stereo radio systems, as well as fridges and stoves.

"They must not spend all their money," Chingwaru said. "We are worried that they will not have sufficient cash to buy inputs such as fertiliser and fuel when the new season starts soon."

Farmers were this year also given US$1 500 in cash for inputs and some of this cash was also spent on trinkets in Harare by the farmers.

Lovegot Tendengu, President of the Farmers Development Trust (FDT) also confirmed that farmers were being given cash but were spending it at shops at the auction floors.

Some cheeky entrepreneurs have now set up shop next to the BOKA Auction Floors and the TSL to get cash from the farmers.

The farmers say the money is "too much" and they can handle the situation.

Cotton farmers have been known to blow funds after selling their crop but this time it seems the tobacco farmers are laughing all the way to the bank with US dollars.