Let’s move on: Khupe

THE Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T has joined hands with Zanu PF to castigate MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa for rejecting the presidential results, accusing him of being selfish, violent and backward.


Thokozani Khupe

Party spokesperson Linda Masarira, who had a poor run in Harare Central constituency and lost to an MDC Alliance candidate has condemned Chamisa, saying his move to dispute the results was without merit and devoid of evidence.

“I have it on good authority that the alliance has no proof whatsoever of the alleged vote-rigging. Zim needs development, sustainable human development and economic freedom, not cheap political bantering for political expediency,” she said.

In a separate statement, Khupe also accused Chamisa of engaging in brinkmanship politics.

“Initial reports suggest that this unwarranted loss of lives was a result of a combination of fatal force on civilians by the security services and reckless political brinkmanship by a formation which believes in using violence as a means of political gains,” Khupe said.

Khupe, who felt she was the heir apparent following the death of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai in February, said she was still unhappy with Chamisa, who pulled the rug from under her feet to claim leadership of the party.

The acrimony between the two saw Khupe being fired from both the party and Parliament by Chamisa, drawing battlelines which appear to have been settled through the general elections, where Chamisa got more than two million votes and Khupe got less than spoilt paper ballots in her final tally.

Khupe called on Zimbabweans to move on after the elections.

“We are saying let us reunite as nation and move our country forward and this is our message to every Zimbabwean. For the sake of moving this country forward, it is important for us political parties to come together and put our hands together, our minds together and make sure that we move this country forward for the sake of every Zimbabwean,” Khupe said.

She said President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa should call all the presidential candidates together and map the way forward.