Law Firm Receiving Threats Over Biti


    Biti is a former partner of Honey and Blanckenberg, a law firm he quit upon his appointment as Finance Minister at the formation of the inclusive government in February this year.

    Last week Gono wrote a 15-page letter to Prime Minister Tsvangirai alleging that Biti was harassing him, claiming the Finance Minister had a personal vendetta against him.

    Gono said the RBZ fingered Biti’s former law firm in the externalization of more than US$1 million dollars, charges the Finance Minister has publicly denied.

    “Over the past few weeks (three years after the alleged offence), the partners of Honey and Blanckenberg have received a number of crude threats arising from these old accusations, stating that unless Tendai Biti, a former partner of the firm and current Finance Minister, desisted from his attempts to demand accountability from the governor of the Reserve Bank, the partners would face unspecified consequences," said the firm in a statement on Wednesday. "Naturally, we have ignored all such threats.”

    “In 2006, according to his (Gono) account, ‘a whistle blower’ disclosed certain information concerning our practice to the Reserve Bank. The matter was investigated by the Police and the Reserve Bank and no prosecution was brought against Honey and Blanckenberg, indicating clearly that we had been exonerated.”

    The partners said since Gono stated in his much-publicized letter to Tsvangirai that the matter was before the courts, then it was clearly sub judice and regrettable and highly inappropriate that a person of his (Gono) position would resort to the media “in an effort to bring this matter into the political arena without allowing the due process of the law to take its course”.

    “For reasons of propriety and professionalism, the partners of Honey and Blanckenberg will not comment on the merits of this case. We are confident, however, in the sound judgment of the public, its awareness of the integrity of Honey and Blanckenberg and its understanding of the reality of what lies behind Dr. Gono’s unfortunate outburst against us.”