NCA Starts Constitution De-campaign Programme


    “We are conducting public meetings throughout the country to educate Zimbabweans on the constitutional making process,“ said Ernest Mudzengi, the NCA National Director.

    “We are saying to them a process driven by politicians is not people driven and they should reject it.“

    The NCA is opposed to a parliamentary led constitutional making process. It has already launched a “No Vote“ campaign similar to the one that resulted in the 1999/2000 government led process being rejected by the people.
    Several posters urging people to reject a constitution produced by a parliamentary driven process can be seen on many streets of Zimbabwe’s urban centres.

    But representatives of a 25 member parliamentary constitutional committee say they are the best placed to represent the people’s views.

    “We are closer to the people than anyone. We have the strength and legitimacy to talk on behalf of the people that we represent,“ said Edward Mkhosi a co-chair of the parliamentary constitutional committee.

    The Zanu PF party believes the civic movement will not have a second time lucky.

    “This time they will not win. Zimbabweans now know that these organisations are opposing the process as a way of fundraising for money from donors, they understand what the government is trying to do through their own representatives in parliament,“ said Ephraim Masawi, Zanu PF’s Deputy Secretary for Information.