Shamu hints Robert Mugabe to stand for re-election after GNU

An election in which Robert Mugabe is a candidate, is turned into a violent campaign in which innocent villagers are killed in the name of fighting the British and the Americans. 

Shamu went to town drooling on the Zimbabwean dictator whom he said was one of the few remaining true proponents of Pan-Africanism.

Commenting on the significance of the day, Shamu reminded African people to respect the role played by Pan-Africanists such as the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and the late Samora Machel in liberating Africa from imperialism.

Shamu had a message for his colleagues in the Zanu-PF establishment, advising that those who harbour ambitions to succeed Robert Mugabe should hold their horses for a while as there is no vacancy yet.

Zanu PF is ravaged by fierce infighting as old foes try to wrestle control to succeed the aging leader.

Shamu reminded Zimbabweans of the need to emulate Robert Mugabe and said he is one of the living legends who has taken upon himself to champion and implement the main objectives of Pan-Africanism.

Stating his disastrous failures at home, Shamu said President Mugabe masterminded the 2nd and 3rd Chimurengas which he said was the liberation of Zimbabwe and gave land back to the black majority who had been deprived of the productive land by the white minority.

Zimbabwe’s kamikaze land reform is at the centre of the current economic decline even though Robert Mugabe points at travel bans imposed by the West.

Under Mugabe’s leadership, Zimbabwe made a mark in helping such countries as Namibia and South Africa to fight for their political freedom, said Shamu.

He went on to say Mozambique under the leadership of the late Samora Machel, helped Zimbabwe break the yokes of colonialism and later Zimbabwe would rise to help Mozambique contain the RENAMO insurgencies, and eventually assisted in consolidating peace.

Zimbabwe has continued to lead in displaying the true spirit of Pan-Africanism as demonstrated by the help extended to the Democratic Republic of Congo to protect that country’s sovereign legitimacy after being attacked by Rwanda and Uganda, said the Information and Publicity Minister.

Webster Shamu was one of the first Zimbabwean government officials to be implicated in corruption scandal in the early 80s and during the War of liberation he left the country in suspicious circumstances in which a fraud case was hanging on his heard. He came back with a new name, Charles Ndlovu, which he kept for more than 10 years well after independence.

Africa Day is celebrated across the African continent on the 25th of may every year to mark the formation of the organization of African Unity, OAU, in 1963.

The continental body later transformed into the African Union in response to the continent’s changing needs and requirements.