ZIFA Marketing Manager Goes AWOL

Mashingaidze has not been coming for work for the past seven weeks amid revelations that he has quit his job without informing his employers. A visit to the ZIFA offices revealed that not even one of his workmates was aware of his whereabouts and none had been in communications with him.

Even ZIFA chief executive Henrietta Rushwaya had no idea where Mashingaidze is, "He has not been coming for work for weeks and has not spoken to anyone about it," said Rushwaya.

Mashingaidze could not be reached for comment but ZIFA chairman Wellington Nyatanga said he was also surprised that the employee had not communicated if he was having any problems.

However, sources at Zifa revealed that there has not been a good working relationship between Rushwaya and Mashingaidze with accusations and counter accusations characterising their day to day work at 53 Livingstone Avenue.

But Rushwaya denied this," We worked together well and I am surprised that he is not reporting for duty," said Rushwaa.

Mashingaidze was suspended as ZIFA chief executive in 2006 in the wake of the scandal involving World Cup tickets that rocked ZIFA. He was cleared of any wrong doing in the investigations that followed and was asked to return to work.

But by then, Rushwaya had been appointed ZIFA chief executive and a new post of marketing and development manager was created to accomodate Mashingaidze which he occupied until his disappearance.