Al-Shabaab launches attack in central Somalia town

al shabbabMOGADISHU – Suspected members of Somalia’s al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabaab militants on Thursday attacked a fortified area containing regional government headquarters, an airport and a United Nations compound in the central town of Baidoa, security officials said.

“They are Shabaab disguised in Somali military uniforms. That’s how they managed to enter,” a Somali police official in Baidoa, Mohamed Dahir, told AFP by telephone.

Officials said around four gunmen shot and wounded or killed several people at the gate of the fortified area before entering it.

Two of the attackers are thought to have detonated bombs strapped onto them, a security official said.

A United Nations source confirmed that an attack was underway, but that the compound where aid agencies are located did not appear to be the target.

Baidoa, situated 220km northwest of the capital Mogadishu, was captured by Ethiopian forces in February 2012, ending three years of Shabaab rule.

In November the city became the capital of Somalia’s newly created South West State and the seat of its president Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, a former parliamentary speaker and ally of the country’s internationally-backed government. – AFP