Gono disowns letters penned by George Charamba

The letters circulating online purportedly from Gideon Gono to Prime Minister Tsvangirai are fake, sources said.

It is now believed Robert Mugabe is so livid and he has ordered a special investigation team led by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) director-general Happyton Bonyongwe to find the source and motive of the letters, and last night all evidence was pointing at George Charamba, The Zimbabwe Mail can reveal.

The Reserve Bank has instituted its own special investigation team headed by former police Commssioner Henry Mukuruzhizha who is a Senior employee of the Central Bank.

Sources close to the Governor say the Governor has disowned the document and says he has not written to the Prime Minister. Gono claims that his issue is being handled by President Robert Mugabe and the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and he says has no reason to appeal to a man whom he knows definitely wants him out of office – Morgan Tsvangirai.

The dramatic events surrounding the controversial letter allegedly penned by the Reserve Bank governor to Prime Minister and bristling with allegations of impropriety against Finance Minister Tendai Biti took a dramatic turn whe the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai denied he ever received any letter from central bank chief, Gideon Gono, adding that he would not act on the allegations contained in the widely publicised and damning dossier.

Impeccable sources confirmed that the letter originated from the office of President Mugabe’s spokesman, and Gono has told the President that his prime suspect is George Charamba on the basis an old discussion when they planned to implicate Biti’s law firm on externalisation charges. 

The newly appointed permanent secretary of the Ministry of Media and Information George Charamba, a deranged propaganda man, has repeatedly suggested to Gono that he should fight back by telling the world the true facts around the US$1 billion credit lines and STERP that are Gono’s achievements.

The embattled Governor has resisted these suggestions because he still hopes to be able to work with Tendai Biti and does not want to appear insubordinate. Robert Mugabe has told Tsvangirai that Gono can not be punished for past deeds but that if he proved insubordinate under the new dispensation, then the MDC would have a case.

Gono is aware of this and was fighting to ensure that he does not put a foot wrong. The press conference held by Gono and Biti last month, at which Biti said there was no bad blood between them, was an attempt to fall in line with Mugabe’s wishes.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai has denied receiving the letter.

It is also believed that Charamba planted a story in a South Africa newspaper alleging that the Finance Minister Tendai Biti and the Reserve Bank Governor are fighting over a woman.

Commenting on the letters Finance Minister Tendai Biti said his mandate was to stabilise the country’s micro- and macroeconomic fundamentals to revive the comatose economy, and he would use all the necessary measures to achieve the task.

“We were more like in a post-conflict zone like Somalia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone as a result of poor monetary and economic policies,” Biti said. “I was appointed to stabilise the micro- and macroeconomic fundamentals of the country. I must put food on the table of Zimbabweans and I will not be diverted from doing my job by those who think I am fighting a personal war.”

He said the law should take its course if Honey & Blanckenberg externalised large sums of foreign currency as alleged by Gono, adding that the law firm was “known for its reputation and standards”.

Charamba apparently felt that Gono was letting a good propaganda opportunity go to waste. He felt that the MDC-T was claiming credit for things they did not do, such as the credit lines, dollarisation, reduction of inflation and even STERP.

The fake letter contains many of the arguments that appeared last week in The Herald in an article that quoted unidentified "sources" as saying STERP was a ZANU PF programme handed to Biti in his capacity as Minister of Finance when he took office.

The same article also sought to "set the record straight" on dollarisation and all the other things that Tsvangirai has been claiming as the successes of the Inclusive government.

Charamba first sought to have these leaked anonymously, and the Herald article only said STERP was put together by ZANU PF "officials" before the Inclusive government was formed.

Perhaps this did not cause a good enough stir for Charamba. Shrewdly leaking a fake letter to PM Tsvangirai from Gono ensured that the letter got a much wider audience than the Herald.