MDC, ZANU PF Deadlock Now on Two Posts

Tsvangirai made the announcement at a press conference on Thursday morning.

He said the three principals would refer the matter of Gono and Tomana’s appointments to SADC and the AU, the guarantors of the Global Political Agreement. The Prime Minister said the principals had agreed on a formula for the appointments of governors.

The MDC T has been allocated five posts, ZANU PF 4 and MDC M 1.

The MDC T line up of governors includes senator James Makore has been appointed governor for Harare, Seiso Moyo – Bulawayo, Lucia Matibenga – Masvingo, Tose Sansole – Matabeleland North and Julius Magaramombe in Manicaland.

“The provincial governors will be sworn in at the earliest opportunity,” said Tsvangirai.

“In addition, the principals decided that the six provincial governors whose tenure is to be terminated as a result of this agreement will be paid an agreed compensation,” he said.

Tsvangirai confirmed the names of the permanent secretaries announced by President Mugabe on Wednesday night but added that a partial list had been prematurely released.

“We agreed to announce the resolution of these issue at once but what has been announced in the state media is partial. We have a full list which includes principals, directors and other senior appointments that we nominated,” he said. These include the appointed principal directors in the PM’s office.

“We went through each one of the persons proposed and were satisfied of their suitability in terms of experience and qualification. We do not believe that civil servants should be appointed on a partisan basis, so there will be no civil servants from the MDC or ZANU PF.”

On ambassadors, Tsvangirai said the principals agreed that the MDC submit names of people to be trained for ambassadorial appointments. At the same time an audit would be conducted to identify potential openings for new ambassadors.

“These new appointments will be filled using a formula to be agreed upon. In the meantime, there a five ambassadorial posts vacant. It has been agreed that these will be filled by the MDC,” said Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai’s MDC would get 4 and MDC M 1. He added that the principals agreed that Roy Bennett be sworn in as deputy minister of agriculture on or before the swearing in of new governors.