The Dr Gono circus comes to town: He threatens to arrest Biti



    Re Letter of complaint to Jomic

    1. My understanding, as a layman, is that Jomic plays an important oversight role over the Global Political Agreement currently in place today. I also undersstant that it provides for individuals who believe that in the context of the political processes under way, there are certain Violations, Harassment, False Justifications, victimisation, Malice and Misrepresentations which have been made or are being made by certain key persons and individuals against others and which Violations, Misrepreseantations, Malice, Falsehoods, have been or are being perpetrated to achieve certain pre-determined political outcomes that have nothing to do with national interests.

    2. A case in point is where I have continued to suffer abuse from one of the GPA negotiators and now Minister of Finance Hon TL Biti who succeeded to hide his true motives and intentios from all our Political Negotiators, the Facilitator as well as our (3) Principals, our Cabinet and its Committees, SADC Heads of State and Government, the International Community, IMF/WN?ADBamong others and made Governor Gidoen Gono an issue for removal b the Principals.

    2. As the attached documentation will show, Hon Biti has sown seeds of hatred, and made me a victim of political malice, apart from endangering my life and that of my family in the process.

    4. I believe that he may not have declared to all above parites and stakeholders concerned that he has a personal vendetta against the Governor and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in general over his Legal Firm’s alleged Externalisation and Money Laundering Allegations that my team were investigating between 2005 and 2006, a matter that remains unsettled at the Courts and for which he and his partners at the Law Firm Honey and Blanckenberg may be called upon to testify with embarassing revelations.

    5.My team had also earlier this year (23.01.09) received from another Whistle Blower allegations of further financial improprieties involving alleged acquisitions of certain properties in South Africa. See attached.

    6. My team have not to date looked into that matter for fear of vicimisation, neither have they brought those matters to any other investigating Office in the country, yet. We did not want to be seen as undermining the new spirit of inclusivity, and national healing, preferring to let sleeping dogs lie and open a new chappter but this does not seem to be the Minsiter’s spirt.

    7.An example of such damaging falsehoods was that the false story from him to Cabinet alleging that Governor borrowed US$1,1 bn on behalf of the state without approval from Government yet he had on file, letters of authorisations from his predecessor Ministers of Finance.

    The move was meant to bring disrepute to the operations of the RBZ and the Governor.

    8.I have enclosed copies of our sebsequent correspondence with the Hon Minister.

    9.I have also enclosed copies of many political fliers being dropped in Bulawayo , Harare and other urban areas demoizing me along the same lines that the Miniser is accostomed to doing, though I am not suggesting that he is the one behind the pamphlets because I don’t have that evidence.

    10.Over the period he has been my minsiter, he has only met with the governor and his team on three, very brief occasions and yet speaks about our operations as if he is occassionally in the picture, yet he is not.

    11.I have raised the harrassment issue via Government processes of the office of the Hon Prime Minister and I await his response but that is only to do with governmental processes.

    12. From the GPA angle and politcal processes I believe that it is right and proper that such serious issues be brought before JOMIC and I appeal to you to have the matter put under Agenda for your next meeting or if you deem it necessary that it be elevated to the platform of the three Principals and/or other processes you deem most appropriate.

    13 All I want is to work in peace and to be left to do my job as prescribed by law without victimization or danger of the nature I am experiencing.

    Yours Sincerely,

    G. Gono

    Enclosures. 1. Copy of letter and documentary package sent to Hon Prime Minister Mr Mr Tsvangirai

    2, Copies of fliers

    3. Copy of letter I filed with Police Commissioner General last year

    4. Copies of Recent local press-reports quoting what the Hon. Minister said last year