Denford Magora and the art of extending the truth

Sadly that is where his relevance starts and ends. Magora is a master at extending the truth. I have over time observed how he will pick up one slice of truth and make a whole loaf of news based on his opinion or interpretation of that event. He has become as dangerous to the profession as the online websites he so constantly attacks.

Here is my problem. The moment you have Simba Makoni’s spokesman writing a blog on Zimbabwe, its very easy to work out his maths. Prop up Makoni by attacking Tsvangirai especially because he is the people’s choice while occassionally throwing some attacks at Mugabe to prevent the whole charade from being blown up easily.

We all know Simba Makoni is the source of all his ‘so called scoops’. Given the dynamics of last years CIO vs Army infighting over Makoni’s presidential aspirations it is pretty clear even for those with half a brain that the Central Intelligence Organisation is providing Magora via Makoni most of these ‘scoops’ from the corridors of power.

But Magora is not good at propaganda. Propaganda has to be convincing. The venom and sometimes childish abuse he hurls at Tsvangirai exposes him for what he is and what he is trying to achieve for his losing boss. I would pretty much bet my entire fortune on predicting that Simba Makoni will never be as half as popular as Tsvangirai. That is what Magora knows and is trying to reverse.

So the blog ‘Live from Zimbabwe’ has simply become an anti-Tsvangirai rant, throwing bones of truth here and there to divert Zimbabweans from the prize, which is ‘incremental democratization.’ We all know Mugabe will be a complete nuisance for some time, but at 85 years old, age will eventually come to our relief.

Source: Nehanda Radio