The two are reportedly under fire from party superiors who blame them for exposing sharp differences within the party.

Provincial ZANU PF chairman, Lovemore Matuke said: “We never expected such behaviour from our once trusted cadres. Of course differences can be found here and there but it will be very unfortunate when the two leaders fail to control their tempers. There was no need for fighting because whenever, a misunderstanding occurs, there is always a higher office to help.

“The offence is too big and I am sure the two will be stripped off of any leadership position in the party. There supporters again will be restricted from getting any position as a way of correcting the wayward behaviour in our friends. We are not very aware of what caused the fighting so there is a team which is already investigating. If one member is found guilty, I am sure that person alone will be dealt with accordingly,” said Matuke.

The police in Masvingo have since confirmed that they have summoned Huruva and Bhasikiti for questioning.
Huruva and Bhasikiti clashed last Sunday at Neshuro Growth Point when Huruva was accused of trying to impose his favourites in the DCC. Hordes of youths from Bhasikiti’s camp assaulted Huruva. Both Huruva and Bhasikiti rushed away from the scene leaving their supporters in battle.

Kenneth Sibanda from Huruva’s camp who was vying for chairmanship and Lisious Matutu from Bhasikiti’s side who wanted the top post in security department were rushed to Mwenezi district hospital for medication after sustaining serious head injuries during the fight.

Dzikamai Mavhaire, ZANU PF politburo member and former senator for Masvingo said the party will not tolerate that behaviour. “We are known to be a disciplined party and there is no way we can allow hooligans to sail free. We shall see what we can do to stop that kind of indiscipline but I can not tell you what we have already done and what we are likely to do soon,” he said.

Efforts to get in touch with Stan Mudenge, another ZANU PF politburo member from Masvingo and MP for Masvingo North Constituency for comment failed and sources said he was fuming over the issue.