John Nkomo "the shooter" leads national healing

The organ, chaired by the John Nkomo, includes Ministers of State Mrs Sekai Holland and Mr Gibson Sibanda, and was established in the Office of The President under the Global Political Agreement.

Calls have been raised for the removal of John Nkomo as chairman of the Organ following the shooting of a man by his bodyguard in a farm invasion power struggle.

In an interview with the Zbc in Harare, the underfire Zanu PF Chairman said the group is on a mission to meet and consult various sections of Zimbabwean society and come up with the best way of conducting the healing and reconciliation process.

He said the organ has already held consultations with some groups such as traditional leaders, donors, women’s groups, students, civil society, trade unions, churches, and is going ahead with the meetings that should see traditional healers, spirit mediums and other groups making their contributions to enrich the process and give the mechanism a true Zimbabwean character.

In her contribution, Mrs Sekai Holland said the consultative process is all inclusive and should involve Zimbabweans at home and in the diaspora.

Mrs Holland said the work of the organ should lay a foundation for sustainable peace and reconciliation among all Zimbabweans and future generations.

She called for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the process and urged Zimbabweans to participate fully in the process by submitting their contributions to the consultative process.

Minister Gibson Sibanda said the successful conclusion of the healing process will enable Zimbabweans never again to resort to violence but to find peaceful means of resolving their differences thru dialogue and to focus their minds on development.

Mr Sibanda said with a peaceful environment and reconciliation Zimbabweans will be able to attract business opportunities and tourists that the country needs to restore the economy.

The three ministers of state in the reconciliation organ said the healing and reconciliation process will go beyond the lifespan of the inclusive government and will come up with institutions and regulations governing the healing process.