‘i will stand for children’s rights’



I feel greatly honoured to have taken the oath of office and to be formally introduced as Chinhoyi Municipality Junior Mayor.

This is an honour that has given me the opportunity to take steps that will empower many youths as well as creating an environment that is child friendly.

It is vital that the Junior Council concept was inspired by the desire by children around the country to replicate the local government system that allows for the identification and resolution of needs and challenges being faced by children.

I am now expected to stand on guard, identify needs of other children’s rights, develop any activity being done by those of my age and commit myself diligently to the office of the Junior Mayor for the Chinhoyi Municipality.

It is also expected that the Junior Council will act as the vanguard of other children’s rights. I have it on my heart that other children will fully develop into socially acceptable adults when their rights are being observed and protected today.

The Junior Council will maintain surveillance to ensure that every child in Chinhoyi enjoys their rights, particularly the right to education, clean and safe environment.

As Junior Mayor and my councillors we will amplify matters affecting the welfare of other children.

Together we will advocate for the attention and policies that are twisted towards addressing the needs of children.

We will not sit back but will join hands with our seniors to bring matters relating to children so that service delivery is relevant to us also.

During our term in office we are going to be fully committed in advancing child development and strategies for child protection so as to involve every stakeholder through integrated approach according to the budget that our senior council will provide.

We applaud our senior council for equipping and refurbishing a children’s centre by installing the e-learning facility, a move that will not only allow us to learn fast but to be in touch with technology and how other students are making it to the top.

The municipality is also facilitating trainings of youth in entrepreneurial and life skills.

Once again congratulations to all the junior councillors.

I say we have a task at hand that is to deliver the needs of the children of Chinhoyi, let us take up our responsibilities seriously and carefully and God will bless us.

I thank you.