Shamu accuses MDC of highjacking Zanu PF policies

Shamu said this at the registration workshop of the Zimbabwe Widows, Orphans and Widowers Association in Nyabira.

In an apparent attack at the MDC Shamu said Zimbabweans must not to be deceived by politicians who claim to be pioneers of programmes when in reality they are reviving government projects which have been in existence for a long time.

On the issue of donor funding, Shamu said people should be wary of aid which has conditions.

At the same gathering Zvimba East Member of the House of Assembly, Patrick Zhuwao who is Robert Mugabe’s nephew told Shamu and the rented crowd about various empowerment programmes in his constituency which he said are aimed at assisting the vulnerable, like the cattle out-grower scheme.

The Zimbabwe Widows, Orphans and Widowers Association is an initiative aimed at assisting vulnerable groups in the community by raising funds for income generating programmes as well as protecting the rights of the under-privileged.

There are growing calls for ordinary rural folks to be protected from Zanu PF politicians like Patrick Zhuwawo and Webster Shamu foisting money laundering schemes masquerading as community based programmes particulary during the times when foreign currency is tricking into the farmers pockets after they have sold their grain.