Man Commits Suicide Over Love Triangle Involving A Legilsator

“True we received suicide report this morning. The death was a clear case of suicide and we are not suspecting any foul play’ said Inspector Cleb Moyo of Tshabalala police station.

When a Radio VOP news crew visited the house on Saturday afternoon, Sibanda’s naked body was still in the house waiting to be picked up by police.

Before hanging himself Sibanda left a suicide message on his mobile phone. The message which was shown to Radio VOP reads in part,” Ngibulewe ngo MP—(name supplied) ngoba ebewula lomfaziwami (I was killed by the MP because he was having an affair with my wife).

Sibanda of 7564/6 Tshabalala was found by his neighbors hanging in his bedroomm on Saturday morning. According to his neighbors, a week ago the deceased tried to kill himself by taking poison over the same issue.

“Sibanda has been suspecting his girlfriend of going out with the MP until Friday afternoon when he caught his girlfriend red handed with the MP in his vehicle in the city centre” said Sibanda’s neibhour, Milton Ndlovu.

After the incident Sibanda is said to have waved at the two love birds before proceeding to his house where he attempted to strangle himself with a wire but his friends restrained him from doing that.

“ When we sat down with him and tried to counsel him, he assured us that he was no longer going to kill himself but the following morning we were shocked to discover that he had taken his life because of a girlfriend,’ said another neighbor.