Top Prosecutor Chikafu Dies


    Chikafu’s uncle Johnson said Levison died at his home after a short illness.

    Chikafu was leading a new political party the  Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) at the time of his death. He was 39. Chikafu  complained of being harassed after he dragged Chinamasa before the courts to answer charges of trying to obstruct the course of justice in 2008. He also sought to bring Security Minister Didymus Mutasa.

    He riled Mutasa by saying in court the Minister’s wings needed to be “clipped to the greatest extent”.

    Chinamasa was later acquitted of charges that he interfered with witnesses during the trial of Mutasa’s supporters, accused of violence against James Kaunye.

    Chikafu was charged with corruption and thrown into solitary confinement for a week. He blamed his woes on both Mutasa and Chinamasa, while others have linked his arrest to the fight between Chinamasa and the former Attorney General Sobusa Gula-Ndebele.

    Chikafu had been acquitted.

    Chikafu also vainly tried to have Central Intelligence Organisation operative Joseph Mwale prosecuted for his alleged role in the gruesome murder of two Movement for Democratic Change activists, Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya, in 2000.

    Weeks after his exoneration, Chikafu has announced the formation of a party in 2007. “The country cannot afford to have (President) Mugabe in office again,” Chikafu vowed. “We have to stop this man from continuing to destroy our country.” Chikafu said then.