Mutambara joins Madhuku in calls for a people driven constitution

Addressing the Gweru business community at Fairmile Motel this week and journalists at the Gweru press club, Mutambara said that he was going to convince his partners in the unity government to re-look Article 6 so that it includes other players.

“ To hell with the Kariba draft…Kariba draft can hang.. What is important in coming up with a constitution is the making process and not necessarily the end product," he said.

Kariba draft was reached at by the three parties, Zanu PF and the two formations of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and is now being used to form Zimbabwe’s constitution in the new unity government.

"We have had very good constitutions with very little differences if you compare them but were rejected by the people because of the process that was used to come up with them. Remember the rejected 2 000 draft. If we leave Madhuku, ZCTU (Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions), Civic Society and students out of the constitution making process we  run the risk of the constitution being rejected  and not being respected.”

Mutambara is facing rebellion from his MPs and there is talk that he has lost confidence in a Parliamentary driven constitutional reform process in which he has no access to his legslators.

Lovemore Madhuku is the head of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), a non-governmental organisation formed to spearhead constitutional reforms in Zimbabwe.

Mutambara also admitted that the inclusive government was facing some challenges but said they had agreed on some of the outstanding issues of the GPA that included the issues of governors, permanent secretaries and the Attorney General whom he described as incompetent. Mutambara said the announcements would be made soon.

After touring Bata Shoe Company and Zimglass, Mutambara also said it was important that the government work with the private sector to recapitalize some companies. “Sovereignty does not mean ownership. Because the government owns NRZ, ZESA, Telone etc does not translate to sovereignty. But having an airline that is successful is sovereignty…”

Commenting on the recent arrests of Zimind reporters Mutambara said this was a travesty of justice and said this was tarnishing the brand of the country that the inclusive government was trying to rebuild.