TA Holdings plans major expansion projects

The company has various interests in hotels and toursim, fertiliser manufacturing and insurance. Last week, the company announced plance to delist Zimnat Lion, one of its subsidiaries which is separately listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. After delisting, shareholders would get shares in the parent company.

It has also emerged that the giant is taking steps to snap other companies as it rides on its ability to raise cash.

Whereas the company is playing with its cards close to its chest, it is speculated that it plans to acquire a financial institution. Only last month, the company announced that plans to acquire Premier Bank had fallen through but it is not clear if this deal is actually off.

On Tuesday TA Holdings announced that it planned to go ahead with some aquisitions and mergers which once again ignited speculation that the company still eyes the financial sector. In a statement to shareholders, TA said they were looking at possible mergers thus they should exercise caution when dealing with their shares.

It has also emerged that the market has generally warmed to the announcements which have been made by TA Holdings as its share price has registered a slight increase.

TA Holdings, which is led by Shingi Mutasa, owns a number of properties which include Jameson Hotel and it is also one of the largest cement manufacturers in the country.