"I Am Not Going Anywhere" – Gono

The threats by Gono comes at the time when an International Monetary Fund (IMF) technical team is expected in the country on Monday.

"The central bank governor met divisional heads today (Friday) and threatened them with unspecified action accusing them of working to oust him,"said a senior RBZ official.

According to the official,Gono said: "Some of you are working with some individuals outside the bank to remove me.I am not going anywhere I am still the governor.If the IMF team comes no-one will meet them without my approval."

Gono according to the sources declared that ‘the war has just begun’ and vowed no-one will ever remove him from his post.

The central bank chief stands accused of printing money unchecked causing hyper-inflation when the country was still using the Zimbabwean dollar as the main currency.

The IMF says the central bank books must be audited and have already recommended the removal of Gono for poorly running the central bank causing the hyper-inflation and economic woes the country has been facing in the past six years.

However, Gono has defended himself saying he was printing money to invest in the farm mechanisation programme to assist resettled farmers.

Zimbabwe political leaders in the inclusive government President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai are expected to announce the resolutions of the outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement.

Mugabe has already said that Gono will not leave his post at the central bank while the Movement for Democratic Change has been calling for his removal.

According to the GPA the country’s principals are to consult each other on the appointment of senior government officials that include the permanent secretaries,ambassadors, the attorney general and the governor of the central bank.