PM Tsvangirai Launches New Govt's 100-Day Plan

I would like to welcome you to this historic launch of the new Government’s 100 Day Plan. This Plan will provide the blue print for the implementation of key sector reforms and the initiation of essential development and rehabilitation programmes.

The first 100 Days of this Government represented the process of formulation and consolidation. Today with the launch of this Government’s commitment to the next 100 Days, we move into the sphere of implementation.

More importantly , this 100 Day Plan has the potential to change the culture of Governance in Zimbabwe as it represents a Ministerial commitment to delivery to the Zimbabwean people to which they will be able to hold individual ministers, and the government as a whole, accountable.

Indeed, accountability is the cornerstone of any democracy and this Government will not shy away from its responsibilities as defined by the GPA.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am particularly proud of the work that has gone into developing this plan as it represents the first concrete example of what can be achieved if the various signatories to the GPA are committed to working together for the betterment of our nation. I would like to express my gratitude to the World Bank for sharing our vision and for supporting the development of the 100 Day Plan. It was through their support, that we were able to take all our ministers and the acting permanent secretaries to Victoria Falls to develop this implementation agenda.

We went to this remote location to build a sense of team work, mutual respect and cooperation amongst colleagues and associates who yesterday were bitter political adversaries.

During the course of the retreat, we formulated an agreed vision for the way forward and a detailed plan of how to get there which is what we are presenting to you today.

This implementation plan is based on the commitments contained in the GPA and the vision provided by the Short Term Emergency Recovery Plan (STERP) which was launched in March of this year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the development of this 100 Day Plan was undertaken by myself as Prime Minister and executed through my office in line with my mandate and responsibilities under the GPA. Indeed, it is important that we recognise the key role played by this agreement in the development of the Plan.

It is from the GPA and the Constitution of Zimbabwe that every member of Government derives his or her mandate. Its clarity on the structure of the inclusive government and the roles of the individuals and institutions within it should allow the machinery of governance to run smoothly during this transitional period.

The GPA states that, the Executive Authority of the Inclusive Government shall vest in, and be shared among the President, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, as provided for in this Constitution and legislation.

Within the agreement, the authority and responsibility of the Prime Minister includes but is not limited to;

·      Chairing the Council of Ministers and is the Deputy Chairperson of Cabinet;

·      Exercising executive authority;

·      Overseeing the formulation of government policies by the Cabinet;

·      Ensuring that the policies so formulated are implemented by the entirety of government;

·      Ensuring that the Ministers develop appropriate implementation plans to give effect to the policies decided by Cabinet: in this regard, the Ministers will report to the Prime Minister on all issues relating to the implementation of such policies and plans;

·      Ensuring that the legislation necessary to enable the government to carry out its functions is in place: in this regard, he/ she shall have the responsibility to discharge the functions of the Leader of Government Business in Parliament;

·      Being a member of the National Security Council;

·      Reporting regularly to the President and Parliament.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am aware of, and I accept the responsibilities placed upon myself and my Office to ensure the formulation of all relevant policies and their efficient and effective implementation.

I am also aware that, while it is vitally important to have a coherent plan to guide our policy development and implementation, it is as important that the will exists to ensure that such a plan, once developed, is implemented.

This is particularly relevant to a coalition Government such as ours. If all the signatories are not fully committed to abiding by the agreement to which they have appended their names, then the technical implementation of Government policy will falter.

Sadly, there appears to be a reluctance by residual elements from the old government to obstruct and frustrate the successful implementation of the GPA. This attitude, should it continue, will limit the effective implementation of the 100 Day Plan and subsequently impact negatively on our ability to make a positive difference to the lives of all Zimbabweans.

What continues to plague Zimbabwe can be best described as a reluctance to accept the reality of the changes taking place within the country.

This residual resistance represents an unwillingness to accept the fact that the new political dispensation is not only irreversible, but also offers the country the only viable way forward.

The continued violations of the rule of law and the GPA prevent the inflows of development aid, obstructing a progressive legislative agenda and risk keeping Zimbabwe mired in poverty and the fear of persecution.

Ladies and Gentlemen as different political parties, it is natural that we have different political agendas. However, as co-signatories to the GPA, we should be united by our agenda of Governance and of delivering essential services to the people while simultaneously promoting their freedoms.

Such is the clarity of the GPA and the Constitution, that if there was truly a political will to abide by their letter and spirit, these issues could be resolved immediately. In doing so, we would prove to the international community that we are genuine and serious about restoring Zimbabwe to its rightful place in the family of nations.

The reality of the situation is that we must deliver more to the people and more quickly. The citizens of this great nation have been steadfast and resolute in allowing this new Government the opportunity to prove its worth. The members of the civil service have allowed us to introduce an interim allowance in lieu of salaries. While this allowance is more than their previous salaries, it falls short of what their counterparts in the region receive.

The Government is aware of this, and is grateful for their support and patience. However, there is a limit to the progress that we can make while the GPA is not fully implemented and while the rule of law continues to be violated. Those individuals that continue to undertake these actions are in effect stealing from every Zimbabwean.

Ladies and Gentlemen, once we embrace this need for mutual cooperation to drive our nation forward, we can then concentrate on the business of Government, delivering services to the people and driving the legislative agenda.

The next 100 Days of this Government are vital to proving our commitment to restoring Zimbabwe to its proud place in the international family of nations.

I know that the vast majority of Ministers, Government officials and members of the civil service are committed to rebuilding our country and are committed to implementing fully the 100 Day Plan.

I acknowledge that resources are scarce, but all Ministers involved should be aware that there are many projects and policies that can have a positive effect on people’s lives and which can be introduced at little or no cost.

I invite all stakeholders and representatives of Civil Society to work with us to ensure the successful implementation of all the targets identified in the plan.

I thank the international community and donor organizations for the support they have afforded our country and for their continued commitment to working with the Government and all stakeholders to deliver to the people the Zimbabwe our liberation heroes fought for.

Despite the challenges we have faced in the first three months of this new political dispensation, the GPA still represents the only viable way forward for this country,. Indeed, the positive impact that we have had on the lives of the people, in a relatively short timeframe, justify the purpose and role of the GPA in providing a stable framework within which we can take our country forward.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I call upon each member of our new Government and every citizen of Zimbabwe to join me in putting the interests of our nation and our people first – to join me in choosing progress and prosperity over poverty and persecution. There is no viable alternative for our country, our people or ourselves.

I believe in a future for Zimbabwe that puts the welfare of its citizens first, where development leads to growth, which in turn leads to prosperity for all.

Let us work together to make the next 100 Days a tribute to our ability to unite, to implement the necessary legislative reforms and to initiate the programmes of rebuilding our beautiful Zimbabwe that the people demand and deserve.

I thank you