Tensions in Zanu PF making in-roads into the MDC

The announcement of the outstanding issues under the Global Political Agreement which had been set for yesterday will now be made this Friday as the three principals are said to be working to bring the issues to finality, amid reports of strong resistance, bickering and contamination by internal Zanu PF powers gamesmanship.

Speaking soon after emerging from parliament, the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Gorden Moyo, said the three principals are working flat out to conclude the outstanding issues.

The MDC formations are saying that the outstanding issues include the status of provincial governors, ambassadors and permanent secretaries, the appointments of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr Gideon Gono and the Attorney General, Johannes Tomana.

The Prime Minister, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, has already dismissed reports that his party has given an ultimatum to three principals on the outstanding issues but indicated that discussion on the outstanding issues is on-going.

Last week, the MDC Secretary General Tendai Bit, at a press conference held at the party HQ, gave last Monday as the deadline for the resolution of outstanding issues, but that ultimatum was shot down by the Prime Minister a few days later during his visit to South Africa.

But our source revealed this morning that there is mounting tension in Zanu PF with power struggles between long standing factions led by Emmerson Munangagwa and the other led by the Mujuru family.

The Mujuru faction is said to have dramatically recovered traction from its losses in the last few months when Mnangagwa seemed to have had an upper hand through his involvement in the unity government talks with the MDC formations.

The simmering Zanu PF tensions are now spilling into the Movement for Democratic Change with the Mujuru faction urging the MDC to demand the removal of the Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono and the Attorney General Johannes Tomana.

It is believed that Robert Mugabe is struggling to hold the centre and he is now relying on his Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to give in on some of the demands in order to balance the internal Zanu PF strives.

Our mole, who is close to the goings on in the office of the Prime Minister said Mugabe has revealed all his mounting problems in Zanu PF to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara in confidence and Tsvangirai now finds himself in a situation whereby he has to assist in giving in to some of the demands.

However, this has not gone down well with the other MDC leaders led by the Secretary General Tendai Biti and this has helped the Zanu PF faction led by General Mujuru to embed itself in that layer of the MDC and is fuelling fire on Tsvangirai not to give in to the demands of Global Political Agreement.

Mujuru faction is gaining friends in the MDC MPs hence Gono’s attempt of foisting 4×4 cars to legislators as a late counter tactic. The Mujuru’s faction has also assisted MDC to have access to its Intelligence officers in the CIO for vital information and Counter-Intelligence.

Our source can revealed that a number of MDC Youths are now under going training in the CIO at Highlands CIO offices and Ruwa with the assistance of the Mujuru’s faction and this has irked the Munangagwa faction.

"The Prime Minister now knows the severity of the tensions in Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe has told him in a heart-to-heart chat that he could have retired a long time ago, but he knows MDC has no capacity to deal with the rogue elements in his party," our source said.

The shift in the regional political dynamics with the coming in of Jacob Zuma as the new South African leader and the removal of Dr Nkosana Dlamini Zuma as Foreign Minister might turn the tide against Robert Mugabe. At some point Nkosana Zuma was acting like a Zanu PF women’s League executive when defending Robert Mugabe and many say she was key in the former President Thabo Mbeki’s quite diplomacy policy.

Accusations of her being in love with Zimbabwe former Foreign Minister Stan Mudenge went flying around but nothing could be proved beyond the rumour mill. Mudenge is a Senior Bachelor following two deaths of his wives.

The Botswana government which is the only country in the region to express its dislike of Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship and has not hidden its friendship to the MDC issued a statement on Monday condemning Zanu PF for sabotaging the unity agreement. The Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is constantly briefing Botswana President Ian Khama and they met in South Africa during the inauguration of Jacob Zuma.

Tsvangirai and long-ruling President Robert Mugabe formed a unity government in February to ease tensions and tackle an economic crisis which saw inflation at one point peak to a conservatively estimated 231 million percent.

Analysts say the unity government has yet to make key reforms guaranteeing political and media freedoms, highlighted by the arrest Monday of two newspaper editors.

Three months after the formation of the new government the political parties have yet to resolve outstanding issues including the appointment of provincial governors.

Violence on white-owned farms continues, while activists from Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change have been detained on charges of seeking to topple Mugabe.

The fledgling government has declared itself broke and is unable to pay workers salaries, only managing a US$100 monthly allowance.

Schools and public hospitals re-opened after nearly year-long strikes by workers, but hospitals still have few drugs while teachers have renewed a threat to strike over their meager wages