Job Sikhala statement on suspension from Mutambara MDC




    The fight in my party is characterised by diverse and total contradiction of the interpretation of the values and principles in the party which I am a founder member and inaugural secretary for Defence and Security.

    The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was formed in September 1999 as a response to colossal and unmitigated dictatorship executed against the people of Zimbabwe. The political, social and economic situation deteriorated to the level of emergency crisis. It needed men and woman of spine to salvage the nation out of the quagmire of poverty, desperation and wailing.

    Little courage was found from men and women whose fear of Robert Gabriel Mugabe dictatorship was immense. Four men of courage and spine in the name of Morgan Tsvangirai, Gibson Sibanda, Job Sikhala, Learnmore Jongwe, Tafadzwa Musekiwa, the late Nicholas Mudzengerere, Cephas Makuyana, Gift Chimanikire and Nelson Chamisa opted to make an oath to fight for the people’s freedom.

    The Labour Movement, Students Movement and a thin and tiny civic society then, opted to introduce the struggle for the people’s needs. The University of Zimbabwe where I was a student leader together with Learnmore Jongwe, Tafadzwa Musekiwa and Daniel Molokela became the epicentre of resistance against the dictatorship. Our brothers and sisters in the Labour movement were also causing tremors from another front.

    The convergence of the common purpose to see the whipping of dictatorship from the fame of our beloved nation. This led to the convening of the "Working People’s Convection" and the Woman’s Bureau in Harare. The idea to claim our basic freedoms emerged to launch the peoples’ party.

    Fundamental objectives and principles were to create a society free from fear and the respect of the basic human rights and the sovereignty of the people to be respected. The MDC came into fruition with pomp and fanfare and it became a universal vehicle to deliver change to every suffering people.

    In the year 2000, possessed with unusual brevity, we stood shoulder for shoulder, pound for pound against Mugabe’s dictatorship and historically deliver a shocking 57 seats shy of 5 seats to total majority and independence of people. It was a painful; process because hundreds and thousands of committed cadres of change were killed and others tortured.

    The student movement delivered me, the late Learnmore Jongwe and Tafadzwa Musekiwa into parliament despite serious challenges we met. At the present moment I am the only remaining active member of this brave trio. Our shared vision was to deliver a Zimbabwe where everyone will celebrate to leave in.

    ZANU (PF) and Robert Mugabe responded by unleashing violence of terror during the 2002 Presidential elections which were held in the atmosphere of fear and despair. Being in the trenches at the time I witnessed many of my colleagues suffering from political trauma and I never surrendered up to the present day. Then a sudden shadow of hunger and division came in my party in 2005. This led to split of the party in October 2005.

    On the basis of my deep conviction to the founding principles and values of my party I thought the party was taking a wrong direction. Exactly the things I sacrificed my youth hood against, were glaring in my party. I saw the other side of Robert Mugabe in my party and I regretted having been associated with the group which I thought was protecting our founding

    In a desperate bid, the group I joined head – hunted for a leader anticipated to be the custodian of the party values and principles. It was at the final straw that, it later settled for Arthur Mutambara. Desperate situations create desperate outcomes. Nobody cared whether such individual understands the values and principles of the party, let alone a card
    carrying member.

    Having thought that I have joined the principle doctrine group, my expectations were initially shattered when utterances of the hand – picked leader sounded to have been extracted from ZANU (PF) and R. G. Mugabe’s book of political thoughts.

    The brand of the party slowly and surely became the mimic of ZANU (PF) garbage. Some of us became irritated and ashamed both privately and publicly because of the ZUNU (PF) direction the party was taking. We tried to tell each other that some of us do not want to be Mugabe’s extension in our several meetings. More worrying was that my party leadership became Mugabe’s darlings. It worried many of us in our party we were about to be auctioned on the pedestal of the party leadership’s ego.

    Having failed to heed our concerns for a long time, I told my colleagues that it’s high time I disassociate myself from this. It was a long decision I took no matter the consequences because I know such sentiments are shared by the majority of my party members. And I want to publicly apologize to the people of Zimbabwe for my association with this group of the most
    retrogressive forces of darkness who are worse off than Abel Muzorewa. I am a soldier of total change and freedom. I will never have a proper sleep as long as the dictator is dancing and smiling all the way to his grave on people’s blood and flesh.

    My former associates confirm exactly that. For a long time I have been in adulated with many people who have been questioning my political wisdom of being associated with this group. It is my humble views that, I have to go to the people in a lightning speed throughout Zimbabwe to disassociate myself from the political alignment of this group. I have humbly listened to the view of the people.

    I have received information that the group through the instigation of Robert Mugabe after his Wednesday the 16th of May 2009’s ZANU (PF) Politburo meeting and the night of the day’s long telephone conversation between Robert Mugabe and Arthur Mutambara that stern action has to be taken against me. I would like to advice the two to stop wasting their time writing suspension letters using bond paper bought by the public funds when civil servants are struggling to make ends meet because I have long cleared my mind to quit Mugabe’s allies.

    I am celebrating that I am FREE AT LAST. In terms of my political career at the moment I will leave it in the hands of the people of Zimbabwe. After my national sensitisation tour, I shall announce in due course the political direction to take, but I will die the member of the party I founded.

    I thank you.

    MDC Founder Member