MDC legislator jailed for 10 months

Chipinge East MP Matewu Mathias Mlambo was slapped with a 10 month jail sentence by a Chipinge magistrate for inciting violence at a funeral of an MDC member who died recently in his constituency.

“Chipinge East MP Hon. Matewu Mathias Mlambo, was today sentenced to 10 months in prison on trumped up charges of public violence by a Chipinge magistrate,” the MDC said in a statement.

“Hon. Mlambo, who was arrested in his constituency last month at a burial of an MDC activist, had three months of the sentence set aside. The State accused the MP of defeating the course of justice alleging that the MP had prevented them from arresting a yet to be identified person who was at the funeral.”

Mlambo was first arrested last month following a clash between between Zanu PF and MDC supporters at the funeral of the MDC member in Chipinge.


The MDC also reported that it’s MP for Chipinge South, Meki Makuyana who is also facing charges of inciting violence during the run-up to the June 27 2008 presidential run-off elections had his ruling set for 27 May by the same magistrate.


Makuyana was arrested together with 15 MDC activists at his business premises in Chiredzi last year on allegations of inciting violence and was released on US$10 bail in January.


“The MDC views today’s rulings as an attempt to scuttle the work of the inclusive government. It is also part of a well-calculated plot to reduce the MDC majority in parliament after the party heavily defeated Zanu PF on 29 March 2008,” the MDC statement added.