Gift Nyandoro responds to suspension from Mambara

Sir, l hope this letter finds you well. It is almost a year and two months since l left your organization; the last time l met and interacted with your organization being at the national council meeting wherein your organization sought to have a post mortem of the harmonized election results of the 29th March 2008.

Since then l have come to hear of the activities of your organization through press and in particular of your recent employment as one of the two deputies to the Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. Please accept my belated congratulations to such unusual and extraordinary appointment.

Sir, l have just received a letter dated 7th of May 2009 depicting a letter head of your organization and l got served with the letter by supposedly one of your messengers; Mr. Zimuto. Frankly speaking the contents of the letter has taken me by surprise. It seeks to suspend me from your organization purportedly on the basis of a said misconduct which l am said to have brought the name of your organization into disrepute.

At first, l thought it has been April fools is unimaginable that one can be suspended from the membership of an organization which he has since ceased subscribing to. I had decided not to respond to the letter fearing the temptation of dignifying its contents which by any stretch of kindergarten- mentality, it borders on psychiatric pride.

However, when the purported suspension got corroborated by the Saturday Herald edition of the 8th of May 2009; that’s when l realized that l could not keep quiet any more. To do so would have been certainly to allow Satan to run away with a Christian bible from the Christian pulpit.

Sir, you would certainly agree that I once made numerous visits to your residence being in the company Edwin Hamunakwadi; a Harare lawyer; seeking audience with you regarding what l perceived to have been a retrogressive culture in your organization. For the avoidance of doubt, my worries and reservations related to the following:

A. Tribal Carnage and,

B. Ideological Bankruptcy

Sir, l wish to address the two points raised above in seriatim. I further pray that emotions and unreasonableness should never cloud the better part of my judgment, sincerity and integrity. In politics there is no such thing as permanent hatred or friendship, but we are servants of permanent interests. I suppose that the permanent interest that binds Zimbabweans at this point in time of history, whether the rich and the poor, the educated and the non ones; is nothing more other than the desire to see a free Zimbabwe.

A free Zimbabwe; that upholds and observe the rule of law. A free Zimbabwe that can only be realized by visionary political parties that cherish and celebrate institutional party democracy before such parties are given the chance to rule our Motherland.

Sir, when MDC split as a political party, I was one of those who unfortunately chose to side with your organization. I remember very well how one learned Professor successfully convinced me that Mr Morgan Tsvangirai had abdicated the founding principles of MDC as a political formation. I saw false glory permeating the days to come; alas, little did l know that political leadership is never measured by the number of degrees one holds. It simply requires a degree in common sense. Regrettably I lacked one by then.

Now that Im served with a purported letter of suspension from your organization despite that l quit its membership silently and decided to pursue an honest life as a lawyer, let me therefore for the public good and avoidance of doubt; categorically state my reasons for my disassociation with your organization.

A. Tribal Carnage.

Sir, you would remember well that l continuously reminded you that your organization was modeled along perilous tribal lines’ failed to appreciate how a movement seeking to translate itself into national politics would remain secluded to Matebeleland. Firstly it was launched in Bulawayo, and it repeatedly carried out all of its major organizational activities into Matebeleland.

The launch of the election campaign for the harmonized election was done in Bulawayo. The organization was never seen anywhere else in Mashonaland save for the token appearances in Chitungwiza mainly through the hardworking of Job Sikhala. Members of the organization who queried such imbalance of party activities faced the wrath of party leadership.

One would be systematically sidelined to the extent that one dies a natural death with an incurable regret of ever having joined a train of tribal carnage.

Sir, you would certainly agree that efforts were once made by your organization on allegations that l labeled your Secretary General a tribalism. I recall well being advised by your national chairman Mr Mudzumwe that l was not allowed to attend national executive and council meetings because of the purported tribal allegation on my part .I got victimized because l had the guts to shame the devil.

You would certainly recall sir the night l asked you at your residence whether you were still the leader of the party or you were a place holder. I only remember you reminding me that you were a holder of a robotic PHD. What became of the later conversation God knows? Sir, l can no longer afford to masquerade as a force of doom; for l knows what Zimbabweans want. History shall have to be rewritten correctly one of the days to come.

B. Ideological Bankruptcy

Sir, the culmination of the harmonized elections became a rude awakening to me. I did all l could to understand the rational why yourself as the President of your organization you opted not to run for the presidency but opted to hide behind the back of DR Simba Makoni. It was a decision that your leadership took to the surprise of all Zimbabweans.

As if that was not enough your organization went to propose a candidate for the position of the speaker of parliament basing on the unholy alliance with Zanu PF. Your organization fought tooth and nail to deny Mr MoYo the people given right of speakership if the March 2008 vote was anything to go by. More surprisingly, your selected candidate was someone who had been rejected by people at the polls and you could not see sense in picking a winning candidate amongst the ten MPs you had; without doubt you received backlash during the vote.

God knows up to date who of the ten MP’S pays allegiance to your organization up to date. My heart still quivers at the thinking that your organization also deposed a supporting affidavit to a court application seeking to nullify the election of Mr Moyo as a speaker of Parliament. I have since been convinced that politicians will never learn. History shows that one such application was done seeking to abduct Mr Tsvangirai out of office but it failed with a thud.

A reading of your purported cabinet appointments shows that the beneficiaries are rejects of the electorate. Please God forbids. The elected MPs are nowhere to exercise and represent the will of the people. lt reminds me how I got reprimanded by a dear professor for having chided party leadership that had taken tractors which were being dished out like confetti by Gideon Gono. I’m now convinced that the claim by certain politicians that they fight for the good of the people is nothing but a naked lie of professional and competent thieves.

Sir, for the foregoing reasons; I decided to leave your organization quietly. In life we have the capacity to choose whether to worship Satan or God. It equally begs the question whether Satan can suspend Jesus Christ from his organization wherein Christ is never a member to it .Sir there is no way I can appear before a disciplinary hearing which is a nullity.

It is not there and a nullity is a nullity. It remains a question whether one still wants to fight the people of Zimbabwe or not. I realized lately that no matter how you turn the wheels of a stationery vehicle it will never change direction. No reasonable person will remain waiting for a bus at the railway station hoping it would turn up; it won’t.

Sir in life we should never lose focus of the adage that being forewarned is being forearmed. I have no doubt that one day the very curse that l ran from your organization would come to devour you. The omen is just around the corner and it is only for the visionary to perceive it. Just remember that l warned you out of the desire not to see prospective leadership of the country getting devoured by one common Cobra.

Sir, l wish to state the fact that l ceased being a retrogressive force long back. I since graduated with a degree in common sense. I have had enough lessons that one cannot fight against the cause of the people willy -nilly. My only advice to the brethren that might be still pursing the path of retrogression is to the effect that when one sleeps with the devil one should not blame anybody for giving birth to a vampire. Sir, l wish your organization the best in its efforts and endeavors.

GIFT NYANDORO.{ Harare Lawyer}