CLS, Ster Kinekor in Cool Movie partnership

A scene from the movie “Hard To Get”

A scene from the movie “Hard To Get”

In our society today, movies and TV shows mould teenagers’ perspectives regarding how they should view people, places and experiences in the world they live in.

With this in mind, CLS has partnered with Ster Kinekor Westgate and Eastgate for a new column – “Cool Movie Review”.

Each week 10 lucky teens get a chance to watch their favourite movie at the selected premises and they do a movie review for us with the best being published. The best part is you get to take a friend.

As we start the reviews, Cool Lifestyle gives you a glimpse of what is topping this week. For action and comedy type fans the trending movie of the week is “Hard To Get”.

“Hard To Get” review

South African writer-director Zee Ntuli, who is just 25, has released his debut feature – the action-drama “Hard To Get”. It was the opening night selection at the Durban International Film Festival and while it certainly shows some room for future growth it also shows a potent talent with an obvious gift for drawing performances from his actors and an uncommon ability to shift tones on a dime.

Young TK (Pallance Dladla in his first lead role) is a dangerous sort of charmer, a big fish in a small pond gifted with the sort of natural good looks and confidence that women fall all over themselves for and, oh yes, he knows it very well.

But TK has no idea what he’s walking into when he sets his sights on Skiets (the equally fresh-faced Thishiwe Ziqubu), a beautiful young woman who stumbles through the door one day while on the run from small level thugs.

Skiets is the sort of challenge TK can’t resist but to have a prayer he’ll have to prove himself her equal in all ways, and that includes her disregard for the law, a scenario that quickly results in the pair fleeing town to escape the wrath of a charismatic local gangster (iNumber Number baddie Israel Makoe) and putting themselves in the line of fire of a much bigger fish in the big city.

Unfortunately, you have to understand the local lingo to really get this movie. It is very clear that there are additional layers to the film that simply don’t come across in subtitles.

A hugely entertaining ride crafted with skill and gifted with a cadre of hugely charismatic performers put to great use, “Hard To Get” is an positive debut from a significant talent. Keep an eye on Ntuli. He’s only going to get better and he’s already pretty good.

Ratings : ****